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Sensira Високоѕидна единица FTXF-A/RXF-A

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product description
  • Product Description:Daikin air purifier, model MCK 75JVM. • A device with two functions: humidification and air purification. An effective remover of allergens (eg pollen, mites, dust, etc.) bacteria and viruses. The device also has a strong deodorizing effect; effective removal of cigarette smoke, and decomposes other odors. It quickly collects the particles present in the air and breaks them down. His almost silent work makes him ideal for working in night silence. • 6-layer filter system • 7 accordion filters (one for immediate use and 6 spare) • Suitable for rooms up to 46 m² • Ultra quiet operation: 17 dB (A) • Easy maintenance, easy cleaning.
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    Milmark engineering (Milmark inzenering)

    • Company introduction:Air conditioning, heating, design, and service. Authorized Dealer of Daikin, Viessman and Actionclima in Macedonia.
    • Contact Person Name:Горан
    • Address:М.Т.Гологанов 64-а лок.10
    • Post Code:1000
    • City:Skopje , Macedonia
    • Cell Phone #:075 358991
    • Telephone #:075 311631
    • Geo Location:Show
    Retail Price - VAT Included:61.900 MKD 57.567 MKD

    Daikin SENSIRA FTXF-42C/RXF-42C инв ...

    Retail Price - VAT Included:51.800 MKD 48.174 MKD

    Daikin SENSIRA FTXF-35C/RXF-35C инв ...


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