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About Us

MarketKonekt is the only online market which directly connects the businesses and the consumers from the Balkans. At the same time provides buying and selling of different products and services in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Serbia and Albania, soon in the other countries from the region.

The users of MarketKonekt get more and spend less. The buyers have large selection of products/services and the sellers expand the market. In addition to that they save money and time.

MarketKonekt provides details for the products/services the buyers need and helps them make the right choice. Trough the website they find the ideal product/service for their needs or the needs of their company.

The buyers:

- Find the things they need from the offers of the domestic and regional companies trough an easy and simple search, in over 900 different categories and special sections (for ex. discounts)

- Compare products/services (characteristics, price, availability,...)

- Request an offer for а particular product/service from more companies at the same time

- Directly contact the sellers for an order or additional information

MarketKonekt increases the sale and cuts the sale costs. Any business from any branch can sell on the website. By publishing of their products or services fast and simple, they become available to any potential buyer – company or end user.

The companies:

- Increase the number of buyers (at the same time sell on the domestic market and also on the region)

- Connect directly with the buyers (receive and answer to the buying requests or contact them for additional information)

- Improve competitiveness (use premium memberships to emphasize their offer in front of the competition)

- Analyze the market (follow the requests from the buyers and the offers from the competition and find out which is the most favorable supplier)

MarketKonekt is a part of the R3 Infomedia portfolio, a company which provides a full set of detailed information directories for the users and unique promotional services integrated on-line for the companies’ trough brands with leading position on the domestic market:

Most detailed and complete Macedonian business directory. Printed, on-line edition and mobile applications.


The biggest on-line market in Macedonia. Connects the sellers and the buyers directly trough on-line trade on the domestic and the regional markets.


Complete phone directory of Macedonia. Number on which you can get landline and mobile phone numbers from all the operators in Macedonia and all the numbers from the data base of Zlatna Kniga (Golden Book).

Social network for opinions, recommendation and direct communication between the consumers and the businesses. For the businesses it represents an on-line promotion from word-of-mouth.


   Tel. + 389 (0)2 3177 888
   E-mail: info@zk.mk
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