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19.04.2013 - MarketKonekt is one of the five selected partner projects on the competition for innovation of Makedosnki Telekom.

Expanding into new markets:

21.11.2012 - Official launch of MarketKonekt in Bulgaria.

- In the media: Kapital | Vest | Business Info | Daily.mk | Kajgana.com | IT.com.mk | Time.mk | NewTrend.bg | GoldenPages.bg

21.03.2012 - Official launch of MarketKonekt in Macedonia.

- In the media: Kapital | Utrinski vesnik | Daily.mk | Mnogoo.mk | IT.com.mk

Statements of companies using MarketKonekt:


  • With MarketKonekt we increased our contacts. People are calling, writing, asking questions, enquire and buy.

    MarketKonekt expands opportunities, connects people, brings the market closer, and the crew of MarketKonekt is an endlessly wonderful team."

    Ognenka Georgievska, Manager - Tehno Auto, Skopje


  • "We published 832 products on MarketKonekt, and by now we have sold 7 kitchen sinks and we have 2 orders for OSB boards."
Dragan Trajkov, Head of Procurement – Soloprom, Skopje
  • "To test this new site, I posted several products on MarketKonekt that are offered by my company. Customers who found and contacted me through MarketKonekt came into the salon and bought products worth 8.000 €."
Jusuf, CEO - Jeni Marmaris, Skopje

Prize competitions on the Facebook page of MarketKonekt.com:
30.01.2013 - Prize competition "Love and wine"
Prize winner:
Savka Mitrova - Digital camera Olympus SZ-14 
03.12.2012 - Prize competition "My New Year's Gift"
Prize winner:
Daniel Veljanovski - Digital camera Nikon S2600 
24.09.2012 - Prize competition "Where for the weekend?"
Prize winner:
Biljana Smokovska - Weekend for two in Florimont Casino & Spa, Bansko, Bulgaria 
21.05.2012 - Prize competition "Every week a prize"
Prize winners:
Joana Stanikj - Hi-Tec Backpack from Elipsa TCS
Spasovski Martin - Stimulating detoxification from Charm
Tomo Tomovski - HP DeskJet 1050a from Omnia
Karina Donevska - Gift Kitchen Set Joseph Joseph from Kares Paris
Lila Gjorgjevikj - Massager Bosch PMS 1050 from Rimeko
Deni Jovanov - Digital Camera Olympus SP-810UZ from MarketKonekt


Participation in fairs:

  • 01-16.06.2013 - Skopje OUTLET Fair
  • 26-31.03.2013 - Furniture Fair
  • 05-09.03.2013 - Build & Construct Fair
  • 16-20.10.2012 - Tehnoma
  • 24-29.04.2012 - Book, Education and Tourism Fair
  • 27.03-01.04.2012 - Furniture Fair
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