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How to buy through MarketKonekt?

On MarketKonekt over 6.000 domestic and regional companies sell more than 130.000 products. Find the one that you need!

Save time and money. Buy easily, conveniently and safely.



Select from the numerous offers and save time and money!

Contact the sellers and ask them for an offer for the product you need. Follow the changes in the offers for the products you are interested in.

All that for free. The only thing you need to do is register.

1. The option registration on the home page of the website – leads to company registration or buyer registration (natural entity).

2. The registration form is simple and easy to fill in. For additional help for company registration take a look at this video instruction.

3. The benefits from the free membership can be used only if you log in on the website.

4. You can also register/log in trough Facebook.




Find the ideal product when you buy for yourself or for your company!

Find the product/service you need in the appropriate category or in the special sections (seasonal or products on discount). Take a look at the offers in Macedonia, Bulgaria and Serbia. Soon in the other countries from the region.

Find out all the details and make the right choice.

1. Search, find out the price and characteristics and compare with similar offers (with the option compare product).

2. For any questions, contact the company – seller, directly with the sales contact person.

3. Follow the changes of the products you are interested in trough the option what am I following (you receive messages in your Inbox on the website, or notifications on your personal e-mail).




Get all the information connected with the purchase – fast and simple!

You have more question regarding the product: additional characteristics, service, warranty or possible discount? For all the details contact the seller directly.




1. Review the sections Product Description and Other Information along with price of the product and information for delivery delivery - you will probably get an answer for all possible questions:

- In Product Description you can see all of its basic characteristics.

-  Other Information contains details for the offer such as manners of delivery, possible discounts (ex. for ordering a larger amount), warranty, return options, servicing etc.

2. Select the option Contact the seller for any additional questions



Select by yourself the manner of payment and delivery of the product and order the same from the seller, simple at any time!

1. Enter the amount of the product.

2. Select one of the manners for delivery:

- Doorstep -  – to your home/office (connected with paying before/during  delivery)

- Sales point -  in the seller’s store (connected with that option of payment).

3. Choose one of the paying options:

- Before delivery – on the seller’s gyro account (you will receive information regarding the payment on e-mail).

- During delivery - in cash, to the courtier of distribution service of the seller ( for the payment you won’t be able to use a credit card; the free delivery is marked on the image of the product - in this case the published price is the total amount for payment.

- Sales point - seller’s store.

4. Find and confirm the order through e-mail.


Important to know:

- By clicking on the option Make Order the order is immediately sent to the seller. If you have chosen the payment and acceptance at the sales point with this you make a reservation for the product within a period of 2 working days. You will be asked for contact information and validation of the number of your cell phone for contact in the process of acceptance of the product.

- Within 3 working hours you will receive e-mail notification that the order is accepted or rejected. In the notification if you have chosen to pay Before/During the delivery of the product, the same will contain details of the purchase (name of the seller, time of delivery of the product, the amount you need to pay for the product and the cost of delivery, gyro account of the seller, ...). To continue shopping you need to reply to the Seller within 24 hours - with a simple click on Confirm on the received notification that you commit to buy.

More advices for buying on MarketKonekt find here.


With us you can buy cafefree! The buying system is secure and you also get an additional protection.

1. Follow the buying on your e-mail, pay and receive the purchased product.

2. If needed contact the seller or us for any details regarding the buying or the delivery.

3. Confirm that the sale is successful and rate the seller – share that experience with the other buyers.


Important to know:

- If any obstacles or problems derive during the sell contact the seller directly - especially if the delivery is late, if the received product is different from the ordered one, or if you look for a replacement.

- If you paid the ordered product but the same is not delivered after contacting the seller contact us. MarketKonekt provides you a refund of the amount paid to a certain value when you purchase with the option doorstep delivery (for more details about this protection click here).

- To confirm that the sale is successful and to rate the products, write down a comment and rate after our e-mail notification. You rating of the products is a sign for trust in the seller – with it you help the other buyers to determine whether to buy the product or not.

More advices for buying on MarketKonekt find here.



Get offers from numerous companies at the same time! You did not find what you need? Then send a buying request to the sellers of similar products/services and get offers that match your needs. You can search for offers from companies outside the borders of Macedonia.

1. Register/log in and send a buying request to more companies at the same time

2. Ask for offers from the sellers in the other countries also.

3. Follow the offers trough you Inbox on the site or on your personal e-mail.



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