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BoltShark cutting pliers


BoltShark cutting pliers

Цената е со вклучен ДДВ
3.038 MKD 2.127 MKD

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product description
  • Product Description: Ultra-powerful blades used to easily cut metal wire, including hardened and hardened alloys and other extruded metals. They are ergonomically designed to apply maximum force even with less hand grip. Made of carbon steel with induction reinforced cutting edges. The BoltShark blade can cut up to 6 mm soft metal wire, 4 mm hard steel and 3.6 mm tempered piano wire.
    Easily cut parts such as screws, nails, nuts, etc. to a thickness of 5 mm
    • fully reinforced to ~ 47HRc, with induction cutting edge, reinforced to ~ 64HRc
    • Finished with black anti-corrosion paint and lightly oiled
    • length of the pliers 200 mm
    • Double reinforced plastic non-slip handles that provide good ergonomic hand support
  • Availability:Contact
  • Place of Origin:Slovenia
  • Warranty:2 years
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    Unior Makedonija

    • Company introduction:Unior Komerc is the exclusive representative of Unior Slovenia, а company with rich tradition obliged to produce high quality professional hand tools.
    • Contact Person Name:Александар
    • Address:ул.Народен фронт бр.5
    • Post Code:1000
    • City:Skopje , Macedonia
    • Telephone #:(02) 2432 057
    • Fax #:(02) 2432 150
    • Geo Location:Show
    Retail Price - VAT Included:1.242 MKD 869 MKD

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