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Skis K2 Apache Junior


Skis K2 Apache Junior

Цената е со вклучен ДДВ
12.800 MKD 9.600 MKD

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product description
  • Product Description:K2 Apache Junior The Apache Junior is for the advanced youth skier looking to rip the entire mountain. Just like the adult skis, this junior ski is built with a solid wood core and MOD Technology for keeping the ski quiet and smooth. The Apache Junior offers all mountain versatility to the youth skier. * Target Skier: Performance Youth * Target Performance: All Mountain Performance * Dimensions: 103/65/91 * Radius: 12m@ * Construction: Fir/ Spruce * Features: MOD Technology, Triaxial Braided Core.
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    Mastersport Marves

    • Company introduction:МАСТЕРСПОРТ – Марвес е фирма која се занимава со увоз и дистрибуција на велосипеди, фитнес и спортска опрема. Постоиме од 1996 година и успешно работиме дистрибуција на велосипеди,фитнес и спортска опрема од реномирани брендови како што се: FOCUS, UNIVEGA, KALKHOFF, CERVELO, CRAFT, DIEL, STUF, ZOGGS, REEBOK, ADIDAS, LOTO, KETTLER, BABOLAT, RUBENA, CONTINENTAL, CAPRIOLO, ERREA, TIPPMANN, HEAD, ALPINA, и други фирми.
    • Contact Person Name:Marjan Veskov
    • Address:МАСТЕРСПОРТ СЦ Борис Трајковски
    • Post Code:1000
    • City:Skopje , Macedonia
    • Cell Phone #:+38970236817
    • Telephone #:023130078
    • Fax #:023130078
    • Year registered:1996
    • Total employees:8
    • Geo Location:Show


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