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product description
  • Product Description:> These are fireproof doors which represent a good compromise of functionality and good looking design, and can be built into industrial objects (halls, offices…), public objects (schools, gyms…), as well as representative objects (hotels, banks…) > They are made from steel, protected from corrosion and aesthetically painted. > Inside are filled with special fireproof layers, depending on the class. > They own seals which are active in normal exploitation as well as expanding fireproof seals which are activated in the case of a fire. All the fire resistant doors that we produced are manufactured according to MKS U.J1.160 fire resistant standard and it is confirmed with the certificates. > Also, all the doors are manufactured according to the standards JUS ISO 834 (1994), the testing is made from IMS - Belgrade and it is confirmed with the Test Report.(see more at http://www.birosafe.com/mak/vrati.html)
  • Seller:Birosef
  • Place of Origin:Macedonia
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    • Company introduction:DPTU “BIROSAFE” DOOEL Strumica is an engineering company founded in 2001 and is in the business of manufacturing, sales and mounting of security, fireproof and banking equipment (security and fireproof safes, cases, doors and vaults…) Our main clients are: Banks, Post offices, Ministries, Public enterprises, Legal subjects, Individuals… BIROSAFE has offices in all of the Balcan countries. We are present on the markets on former Yugoslav republics territories (Serbia, Monte Negro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria…) As of November 2005 BIROSAFE has gained the ISO 9001 – Quality management system. BIROSAFE has its own service team, which is specially trained with removal of emerged defects and solving of any kind of issues connected with the functionality of our products, whether the warranty is active or not. In 2009 BIROSAFE became a member of "ESSA - European Security Systems Association, Frankfurt/Main" (www.ecb-s.com). In 2010 BIROSAFE has passed the security safes tests and gained the EUROPEAN SAFETY CERTIFICATE (EN1143-1), issued by the authorized European house “ESB-S – Germany”.
    • Contact Person Name:Продажба
    • Address:Гоце Делчев 121
    • Post Code:2400
    • City:Strumica , Macedonia
    • Telephone #:034330290
    • Fax #:034330291
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