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Sako Trade

  • Company introduction:The company was founded in 1995. We have 300 m2 retail and warehouse space. Sacco TRADE activity deals with textiles and wholesaling of pharmacy. In the area of textiles, we have an assortment of: - Knitwear - Apparel - Carpets - Yarn. In the area of pharmacy We are general importers and distributors of the brand condoms SURE. SURE condoms are made of highest quality latex from Malaysia. Product condom / condom from the brand Sure is registered in the Ministry of Health. They are top quality, perfumed with the aromas of apple, vanilla, strawberry, banana, orange, chocolate and more. Packed in 72 numbers are in p.e. bag with a certificate and a declaration of use. In packing 3 / 1 box the condom is further elaborated: rib and with spines. is packed in 48 pieces, in a cardboard box. Besides the condom for wide consumption the brand Sure has condom for medical use - specifically for the probe, which is used by gynecological and other medical branches. Please note that these are especially processed, with or without coating. Packaged individually in a box with 72 numbers. The lubricants are the product that is on the rise of distribution. It's a bag from 4ml packed in p.e. bag of 100 numbers.
  • Contact Person Name:Соња
  • Address:Благој Ѓорев 42
  • Post Code:1400
  • City:Veles , Macedonia
  • Cell Phone #:+38975216122
  • Telephone #:+38943231346
  • Year registered:1995
  • Geo Location:Show





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