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Фреза Holzstar TF 170

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product description
  • Product Description:Димензии на лизгач1000 x 218 x 850 mm
    Висина на осовина105 mm
    Максимален дијаметар на алат160 mm
    Дијаметар на осовина30 mm
    Брзини на ротација1400/4000/6000/9000 min-1
    Отвор за отпрашување100 mm
    Работна должина на машината600 mm
    Работна ширина на машината400 mm
    Работна висина на машината850 mm
    Моќност на мотор1.1 kW
    Електрично поврзување400V
    Тежина96 kg
    Димензии на машината1140 x 950 x 1170 mm
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Seller:Jugoimpex
  • Warranty:1 year
  • Minimum Order Quantity:1
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    • Company introduction:- Design, functionality and simple installation - CLIP top BLUEMOTION quality to the smallest details - Lifetime guarantee of BLUM mechanisms - Indaux mechanisms for custom closets! - Minimalistic design at affordable prices. - Solutions for contemporary homes!
    • Contact Person Name:Иво Попов
    • Address:Ул. Качанички пат бр. 256 Индустриска зона Визбегово
    • Post Code:1000
    • City:Skopje , Macedonia
    • Cell Phone #:070271368
    • Telephone #:022650251
    • Year registered:1989
    • Geo Location:Show
    Retail Price - VAT Included:172.800 MKD

    Фреза Holzstar TF 170

    Retail Price - VAT Included:91.200 MKD

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    Retail Price - VAT Included:41.200 MKD

    Аспиратор Holzstar SAA 901

    Retail Price - VAT Included:20.630 MKD

    Аспиратор Holzstar SAA 901

    Retail Price - VAT Included:12.260 MKD

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