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product description
  • Product Description:Main modules: mixing box, discharge and re-circulation section, recovery section, air treatment section, fan section, filtering and silencing section.
    Dampers: with opposing galvanized or aluminium fins.
    Filters: pleated, rotary, with bags, absolute and with active carbons.
    Humidifiers: with spray nozzles, with humidifying package, steam, by atomization, with compressed air.
    Heat exchangers: finned package coils supplied in different materials depending on their use and the vector fluid used, all fully extractable on runners.
    Droplet eliminator: in polypropylene, in galvanized steel, in aluminium, in stainless steel.
    Fans: with forward blades, reversed blades with a wing profile, plug fan, with air flow regulator. The optimal choice in terms of aeraulic performance, efficiency and noise levels can always be found among the wide range of products available.
    Heat recovery: with twin coils, with cross flows, rotary, with heat pipes. All our heat recovery units are selected to obtain the maximum possible energy saving in keeping with current standards.
    Structure: load-bearing in aluminium profiles, glass-loaded nylon or painted aluminium nylon corners, continuous base or base with modular sections depending on installation requirements. PROFILES •
    Standard: available from 40mm with the possibility of installing an insulating panel measuring 25 or 42 mm or from 60mm with the possibility of installing a 46 or 63 mm panel.
    • Curved profiles: with internal perfectly rounded corners for use in sterile facilities.
    • Thermal block profiles: constructed with double profiles, with a rolled polyamide bar in between to eliminate thermal transfer.
    PANELS • Realized in double box-bent sheet metal with insulating material in the middle, available in: - hot-injected polyurethane with an average density of 45 kg/m3; - rock wool with oriented fibres with an average density of 95 kg/m3. • Internal and/or external materials available for panels: galvanized sheet steel, peraluman, pre-painted or prelaminated galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel. Versions • Standard: with single fan with a rectangular cross-section. • Slim range: with a square cross-section single fan. • Lowered range: with
    paired fans. • For use in specialized sectors (food service, hospitals, pharmaceutical, etc.). Sizes: a total of 55 sizes subdivided between standard and slim series are available and are shown in the dimension table. The CTA ADV's are compliant with the essential safety requirements as set forth by EC Directives 89/392/EC and subsequent modifications concerning machine safety, 73/23/EC and subsequent modifications concerning electrical components that operate within given voltage ranges. The ADV units comply with the provisions of standards UNI EN 292, UNI EN 294, CEI EN 60204-1, UNI EN 563, UNI EN 1050, UNI 10893, UNI EN ISO 3744, ISO 3864, UNI EN 1886.
    Also available with factory-fitted regulation
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  • Seller:Tehno Auto
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    Tehno Auto

    • Company introduction:TECHNO AUTO LTD was formed in November 1990 with main activity import - export and wholesale and retail. Main activities and scope of operations of the company is: heating, cooling and air conditioning. TECHNO AUTO has its own office space and shop, and light cargo transport for delivering goods to suppliers. For all our products we have provided service and spare parts, and offer assistance in design and engineering of all types of installations in the field of heating, ventilation and air conditioning in cooperation with experienced and tested designers, proven through our long-term commitment. TECHNO AUTO is the exclusive representative of the following companies with production program in the field of heating, cooling, ventilation and air conditioning: ThermoFLUX from Bosna and Hercegovina, Topling from Bosna and Hercegovina, Pekpan from Turkey, Ecoflam from Italy Kostopoulos from Greece, Aliseo group from Italy (Eden, Mekar, Venco), Rhoss from Italy, K-Flex from Italy.
    • Contact Person Name:Продажба
    • Address:бул.Јане Сандански 9-А лок.16
    • Post Code:1000
    • City:Skopje , Macedonia
    • Telephone #:00 389 (0) 2 2463333
    • Year registered:1990
    • Geo Location:Show


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