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Leks Electric

  • Company introduction:Lex Electric is a company based in Skopje, Macedonia, on the market for electrical material has been present since 1999. The company has seen steady growth thanks to their competence and commitment to customers. Increasing its technical base, ie its potential logistics, the company is able to offer the most adequate solution to customer needs through its direct sales, as well as process engineering and manufacturing of customized distribution systems. With the constant commitment to quality and innovation, Lex Electric is an agent of several reputable companies specialized in consumer and industrial electricity.
  • Contact Person Name:Лекс Електрик
  • Address:1550/8, п.фах 105 (Bизбегово)
  • Post Code:1000, п.фах 105
  • City:Skopje , Macedonia
  • Cell Phone #:072 261015
  • Telephone #:02 3097132
  • Geo Location:Show





Company profile complete75.00%
Number of products145
Member since25 Avg, 2011
Last activity00:15:02 , 30 May, 2022
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