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Koding 2

  • Company introduction:Koding 2 is company that with its successful work and cooperation with many foreign companies managed to survive in these areas more than 15 years. With our core business "the trading water and sewage materials" we must strengthen our position and to act in these areas very effectively and efficiently in order to provide our customers a large choice of water and sewerage materials. We have an area of ​​over 4000 m2 of outdoor space and 1000 m2 indoor (warehouses), and it is more than enough to store and provide safe storage of our materials. Three years ago, we opened our BBK Market, based in Porta Vlae in response to the needs of the consumer and the market. Already three years working well with a tendency to spread and we are responsible for the satisfaction of our customers. With our 400 m2 showroom and 200 m2 of warehouse space you can find everything you need for your bathroom.
  • Contact Person Name:Маја
  • Address:Шарпланинска б.б., Новоселски пат
  • Post Code:1000
  • City:Skopje , Macedonia
  • Cell Phone #:071 266980
  • Telephone #:02/2050270
  • Geo Location:Show





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Number of products149
Member since03 Avg, 2011
Last activity11:57:59 , 15 Apr, 2022
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