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Базен 26324


Базен 26324

Цената е со вклучен ДДВ
56.000 MKD 50.400 MKD

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product description
  • Product Description:Базен 26324
    Димензии: 488x122
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    Atlantik komerc

    • Company introduction:ATLANTIK KOMERC was founded in 1990 by Bozidar and Filimena Matic. Primary acctivity of the company is trading and saling of the best goods for : Toys, Eyeglasses, Hand-bags, Decoration, Clock, Watches, Jewelry, Bicycles, Umbrellas. Guarantee of the best choices and prices in the region for products above. If You wish a successful business everything you have to do is to visit us. We have more than 450 regular customers from Macedonia and abroad, 19 employees and a brand new administrative, Show room – 600 m2, Storage space – 1500 m2, Shop show – 250 m2. Our company is first and best company with that activity in Macedonia. Thanks to the choice and the quality of the products, Atlantik komerc is one of the leaders companies. Our goods are supplied directly from China, Thailand, Taiwan, India, Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Serbia and Monte Negro and Germany.
    • Contact Person Name:Филимена
    • Address:Никола Мартиновски 79
    • Post Code:1000
    • City:Skopje , Macedonia
    • Cell Phone #:070 234743
    • Telephone #:02 3119772
    • Year registered:1990
    • Total employees:20
    • Geo Location:Show
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    Retail Price - VAT Included:45.500 MKD 40.950 MKD

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