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  • Product Description:Карат-м ви нуди обликување, дизајнирање и пластифицирање на медијапан. Со години го развиваме партнерство со нашите соработници и клиенти. Денес можеме да кажеме дека имаме повеќе од 3.000 задоволни деловни партнери кои се ‘рбетот на нашиот бизнис. Наша мисија е на сите Деловни партнери и индивидуални клиенти секогаш да се понудат квалитетни, модерни и иновативни материјали, производи и услуги, користење на знаење, искуство и професионалност на сите вработени Карат-М
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  • Seller:Karat-M
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    • Company introduction:The successful years in the business, behind us are not coincidence. Since the beginning we were lead by the idea: to be the first and innovative. We develop our partnership with our associates and clients for years. Today we can say that we have more than 3.000 satisfied business partners which are the spine of our business. Our mission is to provide to all business partners and individual clients, quality, modern and innovative materials, products and service, usage of knowledge, experience and professionalism of all the employees of Karat - M. Feelings, ideas, persistence, loyalty and passion are the key words determined in the core vision of the whole team of Karat-M. With the constant investment in knowledge and new technologies in search and development of new products and services of the constant and new markets, with honest and professional relation with our business partners we accomplish leading position on the market in all business segments of Karat-M.
    • Contact Person Name:Карат-М
    • Address:Благоја Стефковски 23
    • City:Skopje , Macedonia
    • Telephone #:022530770
    • Fax #:022531800
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