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Buyer protection

With MarketKonekt you have full security while shopping on the Internet.

In order to buy carefree, we provide you with protection while shopping – from the making of the order, until the collecting of the product.


What is important for secure shopping?

1. Be well informed about the product before ordering the same

  - The photography along with the gallery presents the product visually. If the existing photographs are insufficient or with poor quality, ask the seller to send you others.

  - In the description and the other information about the products you find out about its characteristics, warranty, service and similar. If this information is not enough, contact the seller for anything that interests you.

2. Carefully examine the manner of payment

  - Pay exclusively in the manners offered by the seller.

  - When paying before delivery follow all detailed instructions provided by MarketKonekt on your email (name and gyro account of the seller, total amount and name of the ordered product).

  - When paying at delivery always check the delivered product – whether the same corresponds with the ordered one also if the same operates properly. Also check the data on the document for acceptance – the same should correspond with the data from the order.

  - When you choose payment and delivery on the sales point carry out the payment personally in cash while taking over the product (not on the seller’s gyro account).

3. See the rating of the product – the rating is a measurement for trust

  - The greater number of ratings for certain product means that the seller has performed several transactions. If the ratings are positive this means that the seller is trustworthy.

  - If the seller has less ratings for the products (or its not rated at all) it is a sign that the same is a new member of MarketKonekt. To further reassure, especially if you lack any information, contact the seller and clarify the ambiguities before you order and pay the product.

  - Do not forget – the products are rated only by the buyers and with that they share their experience. Sometimes that also add comments which can additionally help you make the decision.


How to buy safely?

1. You get a verified data for the seller

  - All sellers on MarketKonekt are verifies and have registered trade companies in the Republic of Macedonia.

  - All sellers on MarketKonekt share with you all the data that you need for the buying.

  - Always contact the companies via the messaging system of MarketKonekt. The contact information for the sellers is verified and your messages are saved on the website so you can check them any time.

  - In case you decide to buy outside the system of MarketKonekt, you won’t be able to use the help and protection of MarketKonekt.

2. You get warranties from the sellers – as sellers on MarketKonekt they are obliged:

  - To provide you returning of the product within 8 days from the acceptance if the same does not correspond with the description and the other information published on MarketKonekt. In that case, contact the seller to arrange how to return the product – the seller is obliged to bear the costs of the returning.

  - To provide you a possibility for replacement of the product within 15 days from the acceptance if the same is with good quality but does not suits you for some reason (ex. model, size, color…). In that case the costs for the replacement will be at your expense.

  - To provide you all the legal rights as consumers.


What to do in case of problematic buying?

Try to get in touch with the seller trough the messaging system of MarketKonekt in order to find a mutual solution.

  - In case you haven’t managed to solve the problem with the seller, contact MarketKonekt through email () to submit a transaction number and a photo of your payment form within a period of 15 days from the payment. 

  - Wait 15 days after the sending of the e-mail/payment form – within that period of time the team of MarketKonekt will try to solve the occurred situation with the seller.


How to be protected while shopping?

MarketKonekt will refund you 1.000 denars in case:

  - You have paid the seller on his gyro-account (in the manner and in accordance with the data provided by MarketKonekt) and the same failed to deliver the product.

  - You and the seller cannot solve the problem and you have reported the same to the team of MarketKonekt within 15 working days from the payment.

  - The seller continues to refuse to return you the money or to deliver the product.

  - The communication around the buying process, the derived problem and the attempt to solve the same unfolded strictly through the system of MarketKonekt.


The refund protection can be used twice a year, exclusively with good intention.


For more details around the manner of payment inform yourself on this  link.

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