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Headphones Sennheiser MM 80i


Headphones Sennheiser MM 80i

11.500 MKD 10.350 MKD

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product description
  • Product Description:Enhanced travel experience
    With dynamic Sennheiser stereo sound, efficient noise reduction and extremely durable housing, the MM 80i TRAVEL is the perfect headset for global travelers. It blocks out external noise, such as that from planes, trains and cars – and lets you enjoy music undisturbed and relaxed.

    Outstanding sound
    The speakers feature dynamic drivers and powerful neodymium magnets that deliver outstanding sound, with a clear improvement in detail and nuance. The fabulous sound quality is further enhanced by the excellent noise reduction of the ear-canal design.

    Easy control
    The smart in-line remote with built-in microphone works seamlessly with the latest generations of iPod, iPhone and iPad.* It lets you end or reject a call, and activate Voice Control without reaching for your phone. You have instant control of the volume, and you can play or pause, skip to the next or previous track. It’s all easy and quick with just a touch of a button on the in-line unit.
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  • Seller:Amski
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Warranty:2 years
  • Minimum Order Quantity:1
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    • Company introduction:Аудио видео опрема
    • Contact Person Name:Никола Димитровски
    • Address:бул.Партизански Одреди 3-2/3
    • Post Code:1000
    • City:Skopje , Macedonia
    • Cell Phone #:+389 75 267367
    • Telephone #:+38923298844
    • Fax #:+38923298844
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    Retail Price - VAT Included:4.250 MKD

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