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Marble SIVEC

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product description
  • Product Description:Spots: Numerous grey spots; Veins: Frequent/Strong grey; Color: White;

    The whiteness of BIANCO SIVEC® marble, its homogeneous form, the micro-granular structure, as well as the worldwide scarcity of snow white marble resources generate a high demand for the product in the international markets.

    Nowadays, BIANCO SIVEC® is worldwide known, since has been selected to give the unique characteristic, exclusive white appearance in many large high end projects including mosques, hotels, palaces, commercial and residential buildings, villas, artworks etc.
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    Mermeren kombinat

    • Company introduction:MERMEREN KOMBINAT AD- PRILEP is a global leader in the extraction and the production of snow white marble. BIANCO SIVEC® is a micro-granulated marble that is extracted in the area of Prilep and is used for centuries for construction of many historical places such as HERAKLEA and STOBI. The company is established in 1946 with a core business, production and manufacturing of the white marble BIANCO SIVEC®. In 2009, NBGI Private Equity and Ethemba Capital took over 88.4% from the shares of the company trough Stone Works Holdings, Dutch company in co-ownership of the investment funds managed by NBGI Private Equity and Ethemba Capital. The company manages with five large-scale marble quarries in the area of Prilep that cover 30% of the concession area of 1.9km 2. The quarries are equipped with the latest technology for extraction of marble that provide a production and continuous provision of 75,000 tons of raw material per year. Later on the raw materials can be vertically processed in their own production facilities, located only 10km from the quarries. The spacious and modern production facilities are located in a big area of 65,000 m2 that includes a storage space for finished products. In the production facilities are executed big projects that include cutting and polishing of boards and tiles according to the customers' requirements and in accordance with international standards. The factory is in disposal of gang saws, bridge saws, block cutters, CNC machines and polishing lines The carefully selected commercial network and the closeness to the port in Thessaloniki, Greece (200 km), which is mainly used as a distribution centre, provide supply of white marble worldwide. BIANCO SIVEC® marble is carefully selected to give the characteristic and exclusive white appearance of many big and well known projects that include hotels, palaces, malls etc. From this list of major projects can be distinguished the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi (also known as the Mosque of Shei
    • Contact Person Name:info@mermeren.com
    • Address:Леце Котески бр.60А
    • Post Code:7500
    • City:Prilep , Macedonia
    • Telephone #:048418940
    • Fax #:048418998
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