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Air conditioning solutions for industrial buildings

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product description
  • Product Description:ICS Group offers solutions for performance of air in industrial facilities of textile, food processing, pharmaceutical ... As a source of energy used in performance air chillers - water or water - water. Internal installation in the administrative section consists of refrigerating / heating devices - fan, radiator, cveni registers, floor heating, tubing and fittings. In plants such as heating / cooling bodies are placed and hot water heaters. The heating is done with air handling units and fans. Air is distributed through distribution channels and tin elements: bars, anemostati, diffusers ... Depending on the purpose and needs are incorporated and toplonski modifiers. Automation to increase the energy efficiency of HVAC systems ICS group in their HVAC installations implement automatic regulation and control, but complete and BMS (Building Management Systems) solutions, where despite integrate HVAC systems and elevators, lighting, CCTV, fire protection, plumbing and other systems needed for integrated functioning of a modern facility.
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    ICS Group

    • Company introduction:ИЦС Груп е приватна фирма која располага со виско стручен кадар за проектирање и изведба на инсталации од областа на HVAC системите (Heating, Ventilation and Аir Conditioning).
    • Contact Person Name:Катерина
    • Address:ул.164 бр.46-а
    • Post Code:1000
    • City:Skopje , Macedonia
    • Cell Phone #:075 214888
    • Telephone #:02 3109949
    • Fax #:02 3109949
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