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TRUDI Миризлив балсамен гел

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product description
  • Product Description:Труди миризливиот балсамен гел содржи природни екстракти и етерични масла од ниаули, мента, смрека и камилица и со негово вдишување ефективно се прочистуваат дишните патишта и на природен начин се олеснува дишењето. Благотворно делува кај тегоби на горните дишни патишта, настинка, грип и затнат нос. Се користи при инхалација со водена пареа, директна инхалација или за мачкање на градите пред спиење бидејки има смирувачки дејства и го олеснува спиењето. ВНИМАНИЕ: Само за надворешна употреба. Продуктот одговара за деца со навршени 3 месеци и нагоре. Избегнувајте контакт со очи, да не се употребува на оштетена или проблематична кожа. Да се чува подалеку од извори на топлина.
  • Category:Skin Care , Baby Care
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    Vitamix - Swanson

    • Company introduction:Swanson Health Products Company was founded in 1969. and is the realization of the dream of one man to bring health and prosperity in the world. Today, Swanson Health Products continues this dream and there are millions of consumers in the U.S., Europe and around the world who are aware of the preciousness of health, as well as products that help us in its preservation and maintenance. Liland Svanson is the first founder of Swanson in 1969 and he has set the basic principle of operation of this company who says: "Good health and satisfaction of our valued customers are our main mission and objectives." Today, the company is under the leadership of Lee Junior Svanson (Lee Swanson Junior) and located in a modern facility with an area of ​​120,000 m2 in the industrial park in Fargo, the capital of North Dakota.Swanson Health Products manufactures and distributes a broad range of nutritional supplements such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants, products from herbs, animal products, amino acids, homeopathic means, essential fatty acids, enzymes, Ayurvedic, vegetarian, sports and cosmetic products and many other products. The products of Swanson Health Products are of organic origin and are guaranteed quality and purity. They are certified by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Institute in the U.S. and "A" class or superior class voGMP (Good Manifacturing Practices) - the organization that represents and protects the highest quality raw materials, industrial production and commerce of nutritional supplements in the U.S. China, Europe and worldwide. This "A" class means that all products are marked with Swanson brand is manufactured in accordance with the latest technological, nutritional and biological experts and achievements and are one of the top high quality dietary supplements in the world. Thanks to the Vita-Mix LLC, these products are available in Macedonia. Vita-Mix Ltd. Export Import was established in 2004. Mr. Ljubomir Bozino.
    • Contact Person Name:Верче Божиновска Бабунски
    • Address:Bul. Jane Sandanski 25/1-2
    • Post Code:1000
    • City:Skopje , Macedonia
    • Cell Phone #:070/268-629
    • Telephone #:(02) 2403 311 (02) 2403 310
    • Fax #:02/ 2 40 33 12
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