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Mounting, dismounting and balancing tires

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product description
  • Product Description:Own infrastructure with a working area of 303 m2, with 4 auto jacks, personal parking space of 261 m2, of which 100 m2 are covered with roof, with provided video surveillance for 24-hours and alarm. Office space for administrative staff for operational processing of documentation and acceptance of vehicles, spare parts storage warehouse. The auto mechanical part of the service is equipped with diagnostic equipment for electronic diagnosis of vehicles from the program AUDI, SEAT, VW, Skoda like: • V.A.G.1551 • V.A.S.-KOM • V.A.S.5051 • BEAR 100 • V.A.S.5052 A. From the program of vehicles DEFENDER, Rover 75, Rover 200. Diagnostic equipment NANOCOM. Diagnostic equipment for different types of vehicles BOSCH KTS 540 Devices for extraction of exhaust fumes from the room. Special tools for auto mechanic work. Basic mechanic and electric tools, repair operating unit equipped with complete equipment, apparatus for vacuum and filling of air conditioners. Air compressor connected by network with the service. Apparatus for starting and charging of batteries. Service for installation, dismounting and balancing of tires, with a closed area of 80 m2.The service is in disposal the following equipment: • Balancing machine SICAM SMB 160 • Automatic dismounting machine CORMACH FORT • Mechanical iron for gluing of tires • Machine for wheels processing • Hydraulic crocodile jack • Pneumatic lift bag • Compressor ABAC • Complete manual tools and other additional things. The company possesses the following certificates: • ISO 9001185.83 KB • ISO 14001166.47 KB
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    Kop company

    • Contact Person Name:Kop company
    • Address:Јужноморавски бригади б.б.
    • Post Code:1000
    • City:Skopje , Macedonia
    • Telephone #:022533111
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