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ZEOFIT PLUS - plant food and soil improver

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product description
  • Product Description:Zeofit plus is a product in powder form natural and completely environmentally friendly intended for decontamination and reclamation of soil and feeding the plants. This product contains three makrobiogen elements: calcium, magnesium and potassium, and one mikrobiogen element iron. These elements are essential in the diet of many agricultural crops.
    The content of calcium dominates in the product, although it is not constituent element but an integral part of the cell organelles. Magnesium enters the composition of chlorophyll which participates in functions that are vital for plants. Potassium is a makrobiogen element extensively used in plant nutrition, and iron as mikrobiogen element is essential in the diet of all crops and affects the overall growth, development and yield. The product can be applied through the soil, through drip irrigation systems and through the leaf surface.
    Through drip irrigation system 2.0 - 3.0 kg / decare (depending on the culture) and foliar application 0.5 - 0.7% solution (depending on the culture)
    Before use in drip through irrigation it is recommended to be nicely mixed with water and then released through the system, foliar (by spraying) sprayed in the form of mist on the green parts of the plant.
    Useful properties:
    - Increases the resistance of the plant
    - Shortens the vegetation period
    - Enhances the process of photosynthesis
    - Increases yield
    - Reduces the need for pesticides
    Suitable for organic production
    PACKING: 2kg.
    Expiration date: Unlimited
    Keep in dry rooms

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    • Company introduction:Strmos mines inc. nonmetal Probishitip was established in 1984. The main activity is exploitation and processing of non-metallic minerals: quartzite, opal breccias, amorphous white opalizite tuff and Zeofit. Exploitation is carried out based on concession, contracts and mining permits. The company has production capacity of 200.000 tons per year (per shift), capacity utilization is 64% with 36 employees. Strmos inc. Probishtip is a company that works on innovative solutions for better and above all ecologically clean agricultural production. Strmos inc. Probistip is a leader on the domestic market in production оf improvers of the structure of the soil, decontaminators and environmental friendly products for feeding and plant protection. In the field of ecology produces products which are particularly important for maintaining clean environment. It has its own development center where daily tests are carried out in order to develop new products to protect human health through eating healthy and unpolluted agricultural products, as well preserving clean environment.
    • Contact Person Name:Злата Басарова
    • Address:Ул. Makedonski Revolucioneri br.56
    • Post Code:2210
    • City:Probistip , Macedonia
    • Cell Phone #:070 352 017
    • Telephone #:032 484 810
    • Fax #:032 483 043
    • Year registered:1984
    • Total employees:36
    • Export percentage:45
    • Geo Location:Show


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