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Camille Snail Gel (250ml)


Camille Snail Gel (250ml)

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product description
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  • Description::The natural gel based on extract of snail slime, Belgian production, number 1 in Europe.

    1. Eliminates fine lines around the eyes
    2. Removes acne and scars
    3. Reduces scars
    4. Reduces wrinkles
    5. Reduces hyperpigmentation
    6. Removes Stretch Marks

    Camille Pužev Gel is due to the strong regenerating formula with extract snail, one of the best-selling products in Europe. It contains extract of snail gel as a main ingredient, enriched with Aloe Vera and can be used all over the body (face, cleavage, arms, legs ...) both women and men. This effective formula developed to visibly improve the appearance of skin with scars, acne, stretch marks and stains. Works great on mature skin, so it reduces wrinkles, tightens pores and prevents the appearance of new, gives the skin a newer, healthier and tighter look.
    How Camille Pužev Gel work?

    1. Fine wrinkles around the eyes will reduce the use of Camille snail Gela. One will become shallower and therefore less visible. Prevents formation of new wrinkles.
    2. The appearance of scars and acne will be improved by using Camille snail Gela twice Dvnevni. Your skin will be smooth and healthy.
    3. Camille Pužev Gel will help to reduce your scars. The scars will be less visible and the skin will be smooth. Your skin will look much healthier and scars and roughness will be visibly reduced.
    4. Bore will shrink during use Camille snail Gela. One will become shallower and less visible. Besides being reduced by existing prevents new wrinkles.
    5. Hyperpigmentation will be less pronounced with the use of Camille snail Gela. Pigmentation will be reduced and your skin will look much healthier.
    6. Camille Pužev Gel can be used on all parts of the body. For example, in places where they appeared stretch marks. Stretch marks will become less noticeable, and your skin will be smooth.
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  • Company:Medisana
  • Minimum Order Quantity:1
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    • Company introduction:Medisana Trade finds, distributes and development of innovative healthcare and products that are not only effective, but also affordable at a price. We have gained a reputation for vendors of products that are extremely good for customers and good quality. When we consider some potential new products we want to know that they are really efekasni as they look to their affordable price and actually offer value for money.
    • Contact Person Name:Nada
    • Address:Jevrejska 13
    • Telephone #:011 3293 258
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