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- What is the purpose of MarketKonekt.com?
- Web site where companies can exhibit their products and thus be present in one central online place where all the products found on the Macedonian market will be shown. When a certain user is interested in a particular product, through this platform it can contact the company that offers that product or see where (location) it can buy the product.
- Web site on which the companies, as well as the buyers can request for quotes on products and services in a particular category, which will be sent to companies that could offer such a product or service.
- Web site where consumers can search for products, view their specifications, see where they can purchase these products and communicate with the companies that offer the products.
- What happens if the price of the product changes, i.e. no fixed price?
- In that case the price should not be entered, the price can be revealed at the moment of communication with the client.
- What happens if the availability of the product changes?
- In that case the availability doesn't need to be entered, the availability can be revealed at the moment of communication with the client.
- How can I find a product on this web site?
- Through a keyword search or by clicking on a particular category where you can see all the products in that category.
- Can a product appear in more than one category?
- Yes, maximum in 3 categories. 
- Who can become a member of this site?
- First of all companies which offer products or services as well as professionals. Individuals can become members in order to communicate with the sellers and use many other features.
- Can the seller be contacted through the site?
- It can, the site has a messaging system and a chat system through which you can contact and get feedback from the suppliers.
- How can I mark the products that I like?
- The option for following the product enables this. You can compose your own list of products you follow, by simply clicking on Follow this product.
- How can I compare products?
- Click the scale icon above the image of the product. Select a second product that you want to compare. Click on its scale icon. On the top right side of the page, under the tab SELLERS and above PROFILE all the products that are added for comparison will be shown. Click on COMPARE PRODUCTS and compare.
- Can I upload a product that I would like to buy?
- Yes, by placing a buying request. This option is available for buyers and companies.
- I can not find the category in which my product is located!
- Contact us with a proposal of new category name and we will add it.


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