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Marketing Solutions


Connecting Buyers and Sellers

MarketKonekt instantly connects users. The information about what is supplied and what is demanded is instantly sent to every registered user through the web site and on the users e-mail addresses. Users are also offered with direct real time communication over the internal Chat system.

Additional Promotion

MarketKonekt Serbia is a part of R3 Infomedia d.o.o. Beograd, a company engaged in the development and management of online media, primarily designed for the business population.

Portals that are operated under the authority of the group are:
MarketKonekt.com, platform modeled like Alibaba.com, which allows each company to sell their goods/services to other legal and physical entities. MarketKonekt web shop is an online shopping center where everyone can find and buy anything they need.

Gdeinvestirati.com, portal whose goal is to help readers make the right investment decisions. Portal covers topics related to investing in the stock market, savings bank, credit, real estate, entrepreneurship, macroeconomics and topics related to education and career. It is currently the most visited portal investment in Serbia.

SEEbiz.eu, regional business portal. Business news from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro.

GdeNaSport.com - portal for recreational athletes. The aim of the portal is to help users find the appropriate place for their recreation. Currently leading portal in Serbia in this market niche.


R3 Infomedia d.o.o. Beograd

   Tel. +381 11 77 03 852; +381 60 022 5279


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