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Premium Membership

Additionally expand your business opportunities!

Emphasize your position in order to be the buyers’ first choice!

Premium membership on MarketKonekt ensures greater exposure and visibility of products, faster access to buyers demands, and more impact through increased presence and reinforced image.  
  • Greater impact on buyers: Most of the buyers get information through following of differing sections. Your companies’ and products’ emphasized position in these sections greatly expands Your competitive advantage.
  • Enhanced visibility of products: According to research, more than 70% of buyers follow only the first page of search results. If Your product is a part of it, it surely will be noticed first.
  • Stronger image of the company: By publishing products on premium positions, the potential buyers will perceive Your company as a better and more reliable choice compared to the rest.
Choose one of the two types of premium membership which suites Your business needs the most.

Emphasize your promotion. Publish more products and be in front of your competition through priority in search results:
  • Publish 50 products/services and unlimited number of buying requests;
  • Priority in all search results before the companies with free membership;
  • Enhanced visibility of products/services through their presence on the home page.
Ensure more contact from potential buyers (according to research, over 500% more then companies with free membership).

Support Your leader position. Make sure Your products are the most visible to ensure their presence in front of the buyers:
  • Publish unlimited number of products/services and unlimited number of buying requests;
  • Superior priority in all search results before everything else;
  • Premium product positioning – in a central banner and other sections;
  • Exclusive access to buyers through notifications for buying requests in your selected categories, over e-mail before all other members.
Be 30 times more contacted from potential buyers compared to the companies with free membership (according to research).
See the premium memberships on MarketKonekt and their prices visually explained, on the following link.
Please contact us for any questions on KonektPlus and KonektMax premium membership at:
  •   + 389 (0)2 3177 888
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