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Styropor POFIX EPS

Styropor POFIX EPS

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product description
  • Product Description:EPS (expanded polystyrene, Styropor) is an insulator which has been optimally proven on roofs, walls, ceilings, floors, living and office-buildings, schools, hospitals and cold storages for many years. This extraordinary economical insulator rapidly reduces heating costs.
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  • Seller:Pofix
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    • Company introduction:POFIX is a modern factory for production of high quality materials from construction industry. It is constructed according to the latest world technical and technological achievements in this field. The high quality and quantity production is based and is guaranteed with full automatism of the technological process of production. Based upon the above products are obtained contributing to the fast, qualitative and economical building according to the European norms and standards.
    • Contact Person Name:Продажба
    • Address:Деребој б.б., п.фах 39
    • Post Code:1200
    • City:Tetovo , Macedonia
    • Cell Phone #:070 329173
    • Telephone #:044/800226
    • Fax #:044/334173
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