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Reader of registration plates

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product description
  • Description::It has OCR software that is able to identify license plates from all countries and collect them at up to 25 fps (frames / images per second), with an accuracy of 98%.

    Data transfer is performed on the FTP server via TCP / IP protocol.

    It has its own operating Siisti.

    System configuration is performed via the web server.

    The date and time are synchronized via the Internet (SNTP-simple network time protocol).

    Upgrading software is done through the web interface.

    Able to read plates on vehicles traveling at speeds up to 150 km / h.

    Operating temperature: -30 ° C / + 55 ° C.
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    Gradar d.o.o.

    • Company introduction:In the meantime, the company has become a leader in Serbia as a manufacturer and distributor of all types of doors. Gradar has a professional and skilled people to install all its products. Also, a large contribution was made and foreign companies, our suppliers, such as: Beninca, Best, Masinara from Italy; Sommer, Geza from Germany; Dynaco in Belgium; Portalp from France; Gold Cancer Macedonia and others.
    • Contact Person Name:Nebojsa Djordjevic
    • Address:Partizanska bb
    • Post Code:21235
    • city:Temerin , Serbia
    • Cell Phone #:063/650-275
    • Telephone #:021 846-766
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