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Rajemil-Pro DOO

  • Company introduction:"When we have time for yourself, it is a form of self-love - then we find the inner harmony that radiates to everyone in our lives!" The ambiance of modern men exposed to the overall pollution and accompanied by stress adversely affects human health. This is reflected in his face. Cosmetic Line Vita Mila relies on traditional medicine, and with the help of herbs, essential and essential oils, honey and hive products, contributing to balance human health. The use of natural products without preservatives is no longer a luxury, it becomes the basic needs of those who care about their health. We offer: natural cosmetics, teas, salves and oils, dietary supplements and household chemicals. That's why we recommend it to paradise natural products become part of your everyday life and the lives of those you love.
  • Contact Person Name:Jelena Knežević
  • Post Code:11104
  • city:Beograd , Serbia
  • Cell Phone #:+381628806715
  • Telephone #:+38163363600


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