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Heating network

Heating network

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product description
  • Description::Heating mats are mostly used in bathrooms or smaller areas where the technical feasibility of the final layer of limited thickness of the substrate onto which the flooring. Because of these advantages heating mats can be placed in the final layer of flooring, or at the very glue. This contributes to reaching the temperature and thermoregulation with great energy savings. The heating power is between 100 and 150 W / m 2, which evenly into the floor creates a feeling of warmth while maintaining the look of the interior.
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  • Company:BIMID Ltd.
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    BIMID Ltd.

    • Company introduction:BIMID Company Ltd. has developed a product range of electric heating cables for electrically oriented and heating system, and accompanying regulation and mounting equipment. There are many possibilities for application of heating cables, starting with the heating of residential - commercial premises to solving specific industrial needs and requirements. BIMID offers a wide range of the production program of the heating cables to maintain the temperature to 150 ° C. To program the heating cable positive certificates issued by the Nuclear Institute in Vinca, and supporting equipment provide certificates equipment manufacturers. Given the rapid and simplified installation, great features precise temperature control maintained electrically oriented and underfloor heating system becomes an indispensable technique for heating and cooling. For all your needs and requirements in the design and execution we are happy to participate with their opinions regarding the selection of the optimum system.
    • Contact Person Name:Danijela
    • Address:Kneza Miloša 45
    • Post Code:11000
    • city:Beograd , Serbia
    • Telephone #:011 / 26 87 324
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