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Preparation for the vision OcuGuard Plus With Lutein / 60 capsules

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product description
  • Description::OcuGuard Caps formula is designed to protect eye health , aid in the treatment and prevention of the occurrence of eye disease. It's a multivitamin - antioxidant supplement that contains all the necessary ingredients that are beneficial as a preventive tool and support for eye diseases .

    OcuGuard Plus provides a special combination of micronutrients essential for eye health : vitamins A , C, E and B -2, bioflavonoids , amino acid N- acetyl cysteine ​​, taurine and glutathione , including heliranog 25 mg Zinc (zinc picolinate ) per dose , selenium , chromium and blueberry extract .

    OcuGuard Plus With Lutein is improved formula enhanced antioxidant from the carotenoid family , Lutein , the most karetonoidu in fruits and vegetables , which is an integral part of the macula - the eye patches . Lutein contained in this product is extracted and refined from marigold protected patented process ( FloraGLO ® Marigold Flower Extract) .

    Recommended dosage: 2 capsules 2 times a day with breakfast and dinner.
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  • Company:LAMA D.O.O.
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    LAMA D.O.O.

    • Company introduction:Lama Ltd. Belgrade is engaged in import and distribution of dietary and sports supplements and represents leading companies in this field : Twinlab , Supreme Protein , Nutrabolics , Muscle Pharm , Syntrax , Bodymaxx . Our product range includes hundreds of different items , including: vitamins , minerals , herbal products , proteins, finished beverages , amino acids, preparations for slimming and specialized products for athletes. The products we offer are used most famous sports teams in almost every sport , then the team in water polo, volleyball , football, basketball, rugby, swimming , cycling, martial arts , track and field Olympic and Paralympic teams . We also work with many fitness clubs , gyms , doctors' offices , pharmacies and health food stores . In the market we are present since 1994. years and we have a leading position in what we do . Retail in our shops in Belgrade and supply almost all the shops of dietary supplements in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Subotica , Nis and other cities in Serbia and the neighboring countries.
    • Contact Person Name:Lama
    • Address:Makedonska 30/1
    • Post Code:11000
    • city:Beograd , Serbia
    • Telephone #:=381 11 33 73 829; 38 07 008
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