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Combined heat and smoke detector

Combined heat and smoke detector

Цената е со вклучен ДДВ
6.222,00 RSD

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product description
  • Description::Model JA-110ST.
    Manufacturer Jablotron.
    Category Alarm.
    Subcategory detectors.
    EAN 8,594,052,537,505th
    Product Weight: 0.21 kg.
    WxHxD: 135x130x55 mm.
    Package Weight: 0.21 kg.
    WxHxD: 135x130x55 mm.
    Warranty 12 months.
    BUS combined smoke and heat detector, detection mode optical dispersion, sensitivity m = 0.11 ¸ 0.13 dB, 12 V bus (9 ... 15 V), the consumption of 10 mA (5 mA standby).
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  • Company:Optibox ltd
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    Optibox ltd

    • Company introduction:Optibox Ltd. engaged in the sale of satellite equipment and set-top-boxes for digital cable and terrestrial TV. Our company is the general agent of brands Optibox, Amiko, Synapse, Alma and Inverto to Serbia. Quality Policy To meet the constantly increasing demands of customers, directed Marketplace Karmac Ltd. in cooperation with the Serbian company OPTIBOX LLC applies a quality management system based on the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2001. The priority of our quality policy is to achieve customers' trust and ensure a constant level of achievement that market quality requirements. Our overriding goal is to satisfy the customers, also detaches adequate resources, which obezbedzujemo sufficient funds for the continued development. In order to accomplish the tasks of the company, odredzujemo following main objectives: We answer standards, laws, regulations, ordinances, prilagodzavajuci be any change, We do our work ambitiously, quickly and without objection on the price levels of competition, We meet the demands of customers at a higher level of competition, We fulfill the requirements set forth treaties and agreements and meet the quality expectations of our customers, We obezbedzujemo suitable atmosphere to customers and associates, We constantly unapredzujemo your system documentation, harmonizing the needs of the enterprise development and changes in conditions, We constantly maintain and unapredzujemo its facilities, We are always looking for their weaknesses in procedures and implement measures to remove them, We obezbedzujemo his associates appropriate professional education, We we force his associates in training to become part of the system of quality management, to accept the conditions, to understand them and to acknowledge it. In addition it carries the main commercial activities, our associates are committed to actively participate at the highest possible level, in constant development of our services and to maintain and influenc
    • Contact Person Name:Stefan Ristić
    • Address:Braća Radić 80
    • Post Code:24000
    • city:Subotica , Serbia
    • Telephone #:00 381 24 694 971
    • Geo Location:Show
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