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Gift voucher for CACI facial and body treatment - Non surgical face lift


Gift voucher for CACI facial and body treatment - Non surgical face lift

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product description
  • Description::* Non surgical face lifting * CACI (kejsi) IS THE REVOLUTIONARY ANTI-WRINKLE TREATMENT. The results are visible after just one treatment! CACI ULTIMATE erases wrinkles, restores volume, defines the contours of the face, tightens the skin and removes cellulite.

    * CACI is elektrolifting system that lifts facial contours by firming facial muscles. It also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin cells and raises the energy (ATP) by as much as 500 times! Therefore facial skin gets a youthful glow and wrinkles are reduced. Unlike other devices that operate on a similar principle only CACI has a patented "Tsunami" wave, which is most effective because it is the closest physiological muscle contraction. The treatment is painless and pleasant, and the clients do not feel contractions. CACI machine gives the best lifting effect and slows down aging of the skin.

    * Treatments are finally available in Serbia at Murad beauty center. Advice and consultations are free. Make your appointment.

    * Non surgical face lifting and orbital microdermabrasion

    - Jowl LIFT - lifting sagging cheeks. Lifts and tightens loose skin. Tightens and secures the contours of the face.

    - WRINKLE COMB - a revolution against wrinkles. Non-invasive method without injections, collagen injections and an alternative to other dermal fillers.

    - HYDRATONE facial treatment - Hydratone combines microload
    via activation rollers with hydro gel mask. Hydro gel mask provides strong penetration of hydrating ingredients of collagen, hyaluronic acid and extract of roses into the skin. HThis hydro mask ​​is a unique, electrically conductive silicone gel mask. Rollers gently massage the face and allow the entire face to absorb ingredients of rejuvenation by micro currents.
    . Uses of micro currents to strengthen muscles, increase skin tone, increase firmness.

    - NON SURGICAL FACE LIFTING i ORBITAL MICRODERMABRASION - As a result of over 20 years of study, CACI non surgical facelift was voted the most effective anti-aging treatment available. CACI Ultimate is the only system that combines non surgical face lifting during treatment, orbital microdermabrasion without crystals and LED light therapy. The system is multifunctional and allows beauticians to offer clients a comprehensive approach to the treatment of non surgical facelifting.

    - Orbital Microdermabrasion -
    The new system of peeling is used with an abrasive tip of the probe, which rotates at different speeds around the elliptical axis. Selected abrasive tip is disposable. It is coated with a layer of silicon carbide and is used to superficial or deeper exfoliation of the epidermis. This is a unique technology of microdermabrasion without crystals and vacuum, to overcome the various problems that are present in traditional systems, related to maintenance, downtime, hygiene and the results of the skin. The probe features the LED light therapy, which can be used simultaneously with microdermabrasion or separately in the form of special massages of the face and neck. It stimulates the connective tissue, stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
    It is non crystal - no inhalation or irritation. It is non vacuum - no tugging of the skin. The extensions are disposable - providing the maximum level of hygiene. We achieve precise control of the degree of abrasion with 4 power levels and three types of abrasive peaks.
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  • Company:Murad d.o.o.
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    Murad d.o.o.

    • Company introduction:Since 2003, Murad Ltd. Belgrade has been general importer and distributor of Dr. Murad American dermatological medicinal cosmetics for face and body. In this region, it is present in over 300 pharmacies, salons, dermatology offices, clinics, hotels, wellness and spa centers throughout Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    • Contact Person Name:Svetlana Djordjevic Jurisic
    • Address:Beogradska 54
    • Post Code:11000
    • city:Beograd , Serbia
    • Cell Phone #:+381 60 022 5279
    • Telephone #:+381 11 77 03 852
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