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  • Company introduction:We present to you "Atlas Sport" store equipment for fitness and bodybuilding in Belgrade, the only real sports shop and preparation that has everything you need, whenever you need it, wherever you need it. Here you can find the right advice and interlocutors with whom you can easily reach the proper equipment you are looking for. We have over 15 years experience and we are in the Workers' Street. 47 in Belgrade (we recently moved from Belgrade Fair). We started working in 1992. Since then we have made numerous contacts and satisfied mušterija.Imamo large base of members constituting the exceptional cooperation and results. Our bodybuilding and fitness center offers exercise equipment, weight training, sports equipment and supplements and professional CARDIO STRENGTH and equipment of the world's leading vendors. The peak offers a large number of tracks for walking, eliptcs, stepper, bike, treadmill, benches and exercise equipment.
  • Contact Person Name:Uroš
  • Address:Radnička 47
  • Post Code:11000
  • city: ,
  • Telephone #:+381 11 357 22 31
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