Опрема за купатило

Опрема за купатило


Керамика ДИмола-Асани Груп

  • Име на контакт лице : Заим
  • Тип на членство : KonektPLUS 12
  • Адреса : ЈНА 30
  • Поштенски код : 1300
  • Град : Куманово , Македонија
  • Телефон # : 00389 (0)31 415873
  • Факс # : 00389 (0)31 415873
  • Гео локација : Прикажи


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Џакузи Aulica
- Џакузи када Aulica - Димензии : 160/165x90/100x57cm. Бесплатна испорака на производите до вашиот дом.
чешма насадна за мијалник, модел ANKONA, производител FERRO-Полска, 5 години гаранција, керамичка глава-Ф40, пластичен сифон, 2x панцир црево 3/8“, поседува атест за питка вода и декларација за квалитет, контакт тел:02/3091-100
Огради за скали
Тринекс има големо работно искуство во полето на обработка, заварување , монтажа и одржување на Инокс материјали, црни челици, а исто така и обоени метали и легури, алуминиум, бакар, месинг.

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Item: 4293 Relief white paint for interior walls.
Prefabricated houses -DORIS
Prefabricated houses.
Miraculous bushes
Miraculous Bushes is a brand name, which marks on the one hand first class (premium) product and a unique system of services on the other. Tsonga elm (Ulmus pumila celer): fast growing (in 2 years up to 3 meters) ** creates a pleasant shade, maintenance is notdemanding, excellent protection from dust, protect from noise, plant growth can be regulated. **: The intensity of plant growth partly depends on the soil structure, as well as its chemical composition, which is often referred to as nutrient soil. The plant is grown and prepared to respond to Canadian phytopathological requirements that are the most stringent in the world. Our seedlings were treated against rot root disease. Confirmation of this will be indicated on your invoice. IMPORTANT! All this is important because of what one bad decision can ruin a long-term soil in your garden. It is a deciduous plant with green, glossy leaves and small, from which it can form a dense hedge. *ULMUS club membership* You, as a buyer of miraculous bushes, automatically become a member ULMUS club. Your account number, which follows the plant during delivery is also your ID number in ULMUS Club. If you are satisfied with the plant that we have sent to you and you want to buy more, as a member of the Club you already get a discount on this package, or, in the case of recommending a plant to their friends, we pay you a commission upon purchase if you provide your identification number (ie,. Account number ). These types of plants tolerate planting in any land. If you want to grow more intense, more frequently water the plant. Care >> When you reach the height you want, sufficient is a small amount of water, and the growth of her is slower. Annual growth is to a height of 1.2 meters to 1.80 *** and becomes even denser. Maximum plant height is 5 feet ***. For 1.5-2 years *** hedge will grow to the height of a conventional fence. *** A measure of the value expressed in numbers, may have a different value depending on the content of nutrients and soil structure. Is able to withstand cutting, and thanks to the small sheets, can be easily formed into any physical form. ADVANTAGES: 1 rapid growth, the possibility of greater shadow, 2 keeping dust out of the enclosure 3 high degree of adaptation to all kinds of soil and weather conditions 4 low cost of planting. We receive your order for delivery in autumn planting!

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Kitchen corner Brio
The kitchen has two chests. Convenience, comfort and practicality, suitable for any kitchen. Material: chipboard + fabric, size: 163/123/82 cm.
Prefabricated house - Camping Bungalow container B25
Camping bungalow with slanted roofing line with a living area of 25м2. Designed with a living room, kitchen area, and 1 bedroom, a bathroom with shower. Fully Equipped with water, sewage and electrical system all ready to go. Laminated doors. On the flooring terracotta, granite stone and/or wood layer parquet. Bathroom floor and wall with the option of tiles or vinyl and paneled/lining ceiling. Electrical plugs, hanging light, kitchen cabinets and fully equipped bathroom with sink and commode. Height inside standard 250 cm.
Wallpaper Merian
Textile House Sonny-M offers murals that feature high quality and incredible variety. Excellent light resistance, the models are divided into three basic sizes and numbering 10 decor. 8 parts - measuring 368 x 254 cm, 388 x 270 cm, 4 parts - measuring 270 x 194 cm, 194 x 270 cm, 2-part - with dimensions 81 x 270 cm.

Bath Set

Porcelain bathroom set

  • Company : Galeya
  • Price VAT Included : 9.25 BGN

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Gurë zbukurimi
"D`PETRA" Guralec dekorimi i kuq dolomite
Derrasa Melamine
Serite prej melamine jane te disponueshme ne nje game te gjere ngjyrash dhe dizajnesh duke perfshire imitimet ne dru dhe jane te disponueshme me siperfaqe te shkelqyeshme dhe te sheshte, te bute dhe te reshqiteshme. Te gjitha ofrojne rezistence te larte dhe estetike. Koleksioni është i përditësuar vazhdimisht në përputhje me kërkesat e prodhimit modern te mobiljeve dhe dizajn të personalizuar.
Impiantët PIATTAFORMA janë një zgjidhje ideale për rezidenca private, ndërtesa publike si shkolla, dyqane etj., dhe mund të instalohen si jashtë ashtu edhe brenda ndërtesës. Dyert hapen automatikisht në momentin e thirrjes. Një prekje e lehtë mbi butonin e kabinës së ashensorit dhe ai operon pa qënë nevoja që përdoruesi ta mbajë të shtypur gjatë.

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