Industrial lubricants

Industrial lubricants

  • Product Description : Ekotip is a representative of the company ABC Maziva which is an exclusive dealer for the industry lubricants brands Castrol, BP, and Aral.
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Solar reciculation station TIEMME
Reciculation station Basic accessories: 1. Pumping band 2. Electronic regulator. The pumping band is used in the main circuit of solar forced circulation systems and connects the boilers with the solar collectors. A pumping band usually consists of the following elements: 1.&9. Insulating EPP cover 2. Fitting for the connection with the main circuit 3. Flow meter with the ability to regulate the flow 4. Circulator 5. Ball valve with thermometer and check valve Recirculation station 6. Safety band with pressure gauge, safety valve and connection to the expansion vessel 7. Degasser with manual air valve purge 8. Installation filling-draining band 10. Electronic regulator (optional). Manufacturer: TIEMME (Italy)
Solar system SUSTAV CSL 25 RN CSL 25 RN PLUS
Complete solution for the production of sanitary hot water with forced circulation. Composed of all the elements, and the advantage is easy installation of the system. The full solution consists of: - Solar collector CSL 25 R with high efficient absorber TINOX. - Hydraulic groups Riello SOLAR RS, safety valves, manual flow regulator and solar regulator - expansion vessel for high temperatures. - Boiler RIELLO 7200/2 PLUS, with two rows of enamel. - Non-contagious biodegradable antifreeze. - Thermostatic mixer Optimization System (1 '.) - Differential regulator SUN 2 PLUS 2R
Dry ice
Dry ice is carbon dioxide in solid state at a temperature of -79oS. Dry ice is made from liquid carbon dioxide under controlled conditions in specially designed machines. When this process occurs first dry snow, then compression and dry ice, which is pressed through "extruder" plate, and also a product of different dimensions. - DELIVERY: - Dry ice is supplied in the form of pellets (oblong rollers) with a diameter of 3 mm or 16 mm. Or in the form of block size 25 cm x 25 cm x 40 cm, with an average weight around 25 kg. - Use: Dry ice has a broad range of use of cooling food and beverages in catering services, transport blood, blood plasma and organs at low temperatures, to cleaning and degreasing surfaces after different method of Dry Ice Blasting. - Transport: The packaging and transportation of the dry ice is carried out in specially constructed and insulated containers for storage, which comes to a minimum loss of mass of dry ice that is 4-6% per day. There are different sizes and construction of containers for 40 kg, 200 kg, or 320 kg. of dry ice.

Lubricant BASIC SAE 10

Metalworking products

Special offer: 3x5 liters Motor oil ...

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Petrochemical Products on MarketKonekt.


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Stainless steel reactor vessels for biodiesel
Stainless steel vessels and reactors for biodiesel are produced according to the dimensions of customers.

Petrochemical Products on MarketKonekt.


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Petrochemical Products on MarketKonekt.

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