Industrial lubricants

Industrial lubricants

  • Product Description : Ekotip is a representative of the company ABC Maziva which is an exclusive dealer for the industry lubricants brands Castrol, BP, and Aral.
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Motor oil - Pennasol RASENMÄHEROEL
PENNASOL RASENMÄHEROEL for four-stroke engines takes care for optimal engine cleanliness and excellent wear protection. The high additive content ensures first-class lubrication and a long engine life. Simultaneously PENNASOL RASENMÄHEROEL protects against corrosion even at unfavourable conditions and storage during winter.
Solar reciculation station TIEMME
Reciculation station Basic accessories: 1. Pumping band 2. Electronic regulator. The pumping band is used in the main circuit of solar forced circulation systems and connects the boilers with the solar collectors. A pumping band usually consists of the following elements: 1.&9. Insulating EPP cover 2. Fitting for the connection with the main circuit 3. Flow meter with the ability to regulate the flow 4. Circulator 5. Ball valve with thermometer and check valve Recirculation station 6. Safety band with pressure gauge, safety valve and connection to the expansion vessel 7. Degasser with manual air valve purge 8. Installation filling-draining band 10. Electronic regulator (optional). Manufacturer: TIEMME (Italy)
Solar system for sanitary hot water and heating support COMFORT E
The COMFORT E solution by SONNENKRAFT is the costeffective solution for everyone who needs both hot water and room heating. This solution consists of the PSR-E tank with a high efficient pump station and intelligent fresh water module. It can cover up to 30% of a household's heating demand and 80% of the hot water demand. This solutions can additionally be used for heating of pools - indoor or outdoor. IMPORTANT CHARACTERISTICS: • The manufacturer is SONNENKRAFT ® - European leader in the development of high efficient solar solutions with premium quality. • The system covers 80% of the needs for sanitary hot water and 40% of the heating demand of the building • It contains module for providing sanitary hot water in hygienic manner. • The system contains SKR500 collector with 82% efficiency, frameless glass design and many features for mounting • Service provided For more information visit

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