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Prefabricated dumbbell

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product description
  • Description:Prefabricated dumbbell in a suitcase weighing 10 kg package. Manufacturer: Dejia Sport (China). Submitted by: JK Fitness ....
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    Джей Кей Фитнес ООД

    • Company introduction:In search of an optimal package, JK FITNESS constantly expanding range of goods and services. Customers can select equipment from world famous brands, namely: NAUTILUS, FREE MOTION, NORDIC TRACK, PROFORMQ WEIDER, VECTRA, BODY SOLID, PROTEUS, REEBOK, FALCON, STAIR MASTER, NESSFIT, SCHWINN, FREVOLA, etc.. The company is the official importer of all fitness equipment, nutritional supplements and products sold in its stores, in order to give full assurance to its customers that are original brand manufacturing.
    • Contact Person Name:Ани Христоскова
    • Address:„Околовръстен път” 191
    • Cell Phone #:0887968043
    • Telephone #:02/ 819 39 58


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