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Terms and Rules of Use for MarketKonekt.com

Terms and Rules of Use for MarketKonekt.com

1. General Provisions

These terms of use for the web site MarketKonekt.com and its services and functionalities (hereinafter as “Terms of Use”) define the rights and obligations for the use of the web site MarketKonekt.com (hereinafter as “MarketKonekt.com”). 

The right of usage of MarketKonekt.com is personal to the user (the user can be a legal or natural person) and is not transferable to any other person, company or subject. The user is responsible in protecting the confidentiality of their own password. The user accepts that despite the fact that the Internet is often a safe place, sometimes there are interferences in the operation and events that are unmanageable by R3 Infomedia, and R3 Infomedia is not responsible for any loss of data due to transferring information over the Internet. Although the aim of R3 Infomedia is for MarketKonekt.com to be accessible non-stop, it might not be available from time to time for any reason, including, but not limited to, routine maintenance. The user understands and accepts that according to circumstances, access to MarketKonekt.com can be stopped or suspended from time to time, whether this is in or out of control of R3 Infomedia. 

Data entry is automated through adequate electronic on-line forms on MarketKonekt.com. When the user enters and sends information, the user gives R3 Informedia the right to publish that information on MarketKonekt.com.

R3 Infomedia is not responsible for the accuracy, credibility and content of the information entered on behalf of the user and published on MarketKonekt.com. For the accuracy, credibility and content of the information for the products/services and the companies/professionals, held responsible is the company/professional that entered the same.

MarketKonekt.com and its functionalities are available to persons with the age of 18 or more. If you are minimum 14 years old and still not 18 years old, you can use MarketKonekt.com under parental advisory which agrees with and accepts these Terms of Use. Any person under the age of 14 may not use MarketKonekt.com.

R3 Infomedia may from time to time amend these Terms of Use trough a written or electronic document. In such an event R3 Infomedia shall notify the users in an appropriate manner (including a publication at MarketKonekt.com) of such amendment not later than 7 days before it enters into force. Each user agrees to visit MarketKonekt.com regularly to find out about such changes.

Each user bears full responsibility for their actions during the usage of MarketKonekt.com. Also, each user agrees to indemnify and not hold as responsible R3 Infomedia as well as the persons in charge and the employees for and in respect of: all claims for compensation and costs, including costs for legal representation, that may arise from the use of this website on behalf of the end user, and violation of these Terms of use.

Each registered user accepts to receive notifications on the e-mail address supplied in the registration form on MarketKonekt.com. Notifications are associated with the services of MarketKonekt.com. Users will receive notifications on their e-mail:

  • When they are sent a private message through the messaging system,
  • If the user chose to follow a product, they will be notified when there will be changes in the information about that product,
  • If the user chose to follow a company, they will be notified about every activity of that company like adding a new product, changing an existing product, putting a product on promotion or on sale, etc.,
  • When there are newly published products in the categories of the company,
  • When there is a new buying request in the categories of the company,
  • Before the end of the membership package, etc.

Also, each registered user agrees to receive direct mail on the e-mail address supplied in the registration form on MarketKonekt.com.

The user of the web site MarketKonekt.com undertakes in the process of use of the Services provided by MarketKonekt.com not to load/upload on a Server of MarketKonekt.com and not to make known to third parties in any way whatsoever User Content – information, data, text, sound, files, software, video, photographs, graphics, audio materials, communications, nor any other materials or Links to materials:

1.1. inconsistent with Macedonian legislation, the applicable foreign laws, these Terms of Use, the Internet ethics, thecommon rules of decency and morality;

1.2. subject to intellectual property rights of third parties, save with the consent of the right holder;

1.3. constituting trade or professional secret or any other confidential information, whose disclosure is forbidden by a contract, law or an act of a competent state or municipal authority;

1.4. containing information of other users’ passwords or access rights without the consent of their holder, as well as software for access to such passwords or rights;

1.5. containing personal data regarding third parties or any other information protected by law, except in compliance with all applicable requirements for their protection, processing and use;

1.6. calling for or containing human or animal violence, humiliation of human dignity, threats to life and physical integrity of persons or animals;

1.7. depicting accidents and other serious incidents or crimes; victims of accidents, incidents or crimes;

1.8. with pornographic or explicit sexual content;

1.9. representing or calling for discrimination, based on sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, citizenship, origin, religion or belief, education, beliefs, political affiliation, personal or public status, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status, property status or any other signs as well as propagating any other undemocratic ideology;

1.10. harmful to the good name, honour or dignity of third parties;

1.11. calling for a violent change of the constitutional order, commission of a crime, personal violence or incitement of racial, ethnic or religious hatred;

1.12. presenting or encouraging behaviour, which threatens environment protection;

1.13. containing information, inciting the commission of terrorist activities and any information relating to terrorism;

1.14. violating any proprietary rights or any legitimate interests of third parties;

1.15. of poor quality and unclear content;

1.16. with file size exceeding the maximum size determined on the respective Web Pages at the MarketKonekt.com Website.

If such products are discovered by R3 Infomedia, the same shall be immediately deleted. If you presume that products and services are allowed to be sold in accordance with the laws in Macedonia and you presume that you do not break any laws in Macedonia and the applicable foreign laws, you will have to prove it. The published products and services must be in accordance with the laws and regulations in the appropriate category in Macedonia. 

R3 Infomedia is entitled to collect, store, analyze and use statistical data about the usage of MarketKonekt.com in order to notify its customers, users and other parties, publish in other media, to verify the authenticity of the user and communicate with the user in regard to the services of MarketKonekt.com.

R3 Infomedia holds the right to verify the information submitted during the registration process of a company or a professional on MarketKonekt.com and the information submitted for each product or service. If R3 Infomedia believes that such information is invalid or it is not in accordance with these Terms of Use, R3 Infomedia has the right to delete the same.

R3 Infomedia is not held responsible for any damage that is a result from the published information about a product, service, company or a professional .

R3 Infomedia is entitled to the right to add, change, upgrade, cancel and stop services or introduce terms for services on MarketKonekt.com without a previous announcement. 

2. Rules of Use

1. Do not enter links to other web sites.

2. Do not write unjustified opinions against competition. Unjustified or unqualified statements may be deleted on behalf of R3 Infomedia.

3. Do not include information or use in any other way a material that is the subject of intellectual property rights or other exclusive rights of third parties without their knowledge and permission.

4. Do not include personal data concerning other people without their preliminary consent.

5. Do not market, promote or in other way advertise somebody else’s products/services.

3. Fundamental Directives and Instructions

When you register as a legal person (company) or a natural person (consumer):

1. Enter valid information about Your company or the company You work in.  

2. Enter and use only legal, polite and honest content.

3. Please follow the “netiquette” when entering information, i.e. it’s advisable not to type your entire content in capital letters or with irregular font or in bold; 

When entering a product or a service:

1. Your product should be placed under a category that best describes Your product or service (Your products category may be changed if it is not right for the product during the revision process). A product may be published in 3 categories the most.

2. The products that are for sale must be published in the Products section of MarketKonekt.com, and Buying Requests must be published in the Buyers section also in 3 categories the most.

3. It is not allowed to publish the same product more than once by the same company.

4. Do not publish products or services that are not allowed for sale according to the laws in Macedonia. If such products or services are discovered by R3 Infomedia, they will be immediately deleted.

4. Copyright, Trademark and Intellectual Property Policy

Any copying, distributing, transmitting, or otherwise modifying and using of this web site without explicit written permission from R3 Infomedia is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this policy may result in violations of copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights and may lead the end-user to civil   and / or criminal penalties. 

R3 Infomedia takes no responsibility in giving indications to the user so they understand whether a particular material is protected by copyright or trademark. The user is solely responsible for any damage arising from any breach of copyright, trademark, proprietary rights or any other damages arising from such actions.


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