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Paper cup 4 oz FORT


Paper cup 4 oz FORT

127,68 BGN 76,61 BGN

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product description
  • Description:Paper cup 4 oz FORT. Cubic capacity: 100 ml. Geometric volume: 120 ml. Pieces in box: 2800. Price is per carton. Galbo offers disposable supplies, mostly from cardboard and paper - paper cups for hot and cold drinks, paper plates and boxes for food, paper bags for sandwiches and snacks, paper bags, menu, and other supplies and accessories.
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Seller:Galbo
  • Minimum Order Quantity:2800 pcs.
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    • Company introduction:At Galbo, we aim to provide packages that are exclusive, both in their design and in their quality, to meet every market requirement. The packages we offer are created especially to be customized with your own logo or designs of your choice. Galbo is in the strategic partnerships with companies which commitment is always based on use of up-to-date technology, innovative materials and designs. This enables us to offer our customers solutions, linked to their specific needs. We will help you bring your ideas to the shelf, and increase your sales and market visibility.
    • Contact Person Name:Бойко Коцев
    • Address:София, ул. Иларион Драгостинов 39, ап.9
    • Post Code:1505
    • City:Sofia , Bulgaria
    • Cell Phone #:0882 106422
    • Telephone #:02 873 9755; 02 423 2871
    • Fax #:02 8739755
    • Year registered:1997
    • Geo Location:Show
    Price VAT Included:151,20 BGN

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