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Energy saving lamp


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product description
  • Description:Energy saving lamp - 18W -/100W /, E27, 2700K. The order code for this product is 110VV0003604.
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    • Company introduction:From 12 years' Denis Lighting "is an official importer of PHILIPS Lighting for Bulgaria and is a leader in the sales of products of this brand. Representative and distributor of leading European companies producing electrical equipment and lighting. Some of them are: LENA Lighting, OSPEL, DOSPEL, ELEMATIC and PELSAN. Partnership with Schneider Electric have "Lighting Denis" LTD as one of leading companies in the country in the field of electrical and lighting. Successfully partnered with leading Bulgarian producers and outside contractors.
    • Contact Person Name:Елизавета Великова
    • Address:Бургас, ул. "Транспортна" 41, Светомаркет
    • Post Code:8008
    • City:Burgas , Bulgaria
    • Cell Phone #:0885 217996
    • Telephone #:056 874 800
    • Fax #:056 / 874 805
    • Geo Location:Show
    Price VAT Included:17,00 BGN

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