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Espresso machine PHILIPS-SAECO HD 8920/09

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product description
  • Description:Coffee Maker with power 1850W; 15 bar pressure, the large display. Free delivery for Sofia. Amazing results cup after cup. High capacity and automatic cappuccinatore. Only espresso machine Saeco Royal Gran Crema is always ready to prepare all of your favorite coffee and milk specialties both at home and in the office, you can enjoy all day. Delicious milk foam, thanks to automatic meter milk foam. Coffee no waiting, thanks to a rapid heating boiler. Always clean machine, thanks to the automatic cleaning and descaled. Intelligent and easy to clean. Perfect authentic Italian coffee; Delicious milk foam; Coffee no waiting, thanks to a rapid heating boiler; Coffee taste of burning, thanks to 100% ceramic grinder. Record the length of your favorite coffee and keeping the length and power. The adjustable jet of our espresso machine is suitable for each cup and, therefore, prevents spilled coffee and cooling upon pouring into the cup.
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Seller:SAECO
  • Warranty:2 years
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    • Company introduction:The company is an authorized warranty and the brand Saeko for Sofia region and authorized by the official service for Bulgaria - Jean Service LTD. Servicing has 10 years of history, from 5 years warranty status.
    • Contact Person Name:Иван Паунов
    • Address:София, ул. Хемус 51, вх. Г
    • Post Code:1111
    • Cell Phone #:088 9387387, 087 8204957
    • Telephone #:02 9799575
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