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Curtain оf organza with small squares

Curtain оf organza with small squares

Цената е со вклучен ДДВ
18,00 BGN

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product description
  • Description:Textile House Sonny-M offers curtains that are made from high quality materials. Our company also offers sewing curtains, various models from catalogs and individual design of the customer. Price is per meter. In our stores you will find detailed information about the curtains and everything associated with them.
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  • Seller:Sony - M
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    Sony - M

    • Company introduction:Textile House "Sonny-M 'deals with the direct import, wholesale and retail sale of textiles, rails and ledges, bedding and more. We take pride in our ability to provide competitive rates, flexible terms and excellent service. We offer convenience and practicality, durability and elegance. Amazing colors and patterns which will see yourself. If in the near future you intend to furnish or upgrade your home, office, cottage or your site, please contact us and we will visit you with samples and catalogs to you to convince the qualities and capabilities of our products. The company offers consultancy, catalog - craftsmanship and design. We very much hope that our offer will help you achieve your highest demands for comfort and ideas. Thank you for your interest in our products! Here you will find a wide variety of models of world famous manufacturers with quality at an affordable price! In our store you will find everything you need for furnishing your home with our textiles to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. We offer you: Curtains and drapes for your home, office, cottage or your hotel, luxurious linens, Wallpapers - wide range of wallpaper designs for complete residential furniture, paper, fabric, vinyl, Flocks, Retro, ESPRIT, Expression, embossed, public buildings and homes; Sewing curtains, drapes, furniture Individual projects; Cleaning your curtains, free designer; Arrangement.
    • Contact Person Name:Станислав Маркович
    • Address:ул. Георги Бенковски 57
    • Post Code:9000
    • City:Varna , Bulgaria
    • Cell Phone #:089 6777793
    • Telephone #:052 608350
    • Geo Location:Show
    Price VAT Included:24,00 BGN

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