Podno greenje

  • Опис на производот : Podno greenje e 20-30% poekonomicno i poefikasno. Crevata polyethylene so 30 garancija. Shvajcarsko iskustvo.
  • Продавач : Бест Терм
  • Достапност : По нарачка
  • Земја на потекло : Италија
  • Гаранција : 30 години
  • Цена со ДДВ : 9 ден.
  • Минимална количина за нарачка : 20


Бест Терм

  • Опис на компанијата : Vodovod, Greenje, Solari, Kanalizacija
  • Име на контакт лице : Флорим
  • Адреса : Dobroshte -Tearce
  • Поштенски код : 1200
  • Град : Тетово , Македонија
  • Мобилен # : 071389008
  • Телефон # : 071322208
  • Факс # : 044381496
  • Година на регистрација : 2004
  • Број на вработени : 5


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Toshiba Estia A/W Топлинска Пумпа
• Инвертер технологија со екстремно висок коефициент на корисност. • COP = 4,88 – фактор на заштеда, највисок во класата. • Можност за работа во 2 температурни зони (вентилоконвектори / радијатори / подно греење / санитарна топла вода). • Екстремно тивка работа на надворешнaта единица. • Можност за приклучок на соларни панели. • Тoshiba е водечки светски бренд во областа на климатизација. • Сертификат за квалитет од Eurovent. • Гаранција 36 месеци. Made in Japan.
Скелиња за градежништво
Компанија ЛАТО - Гостивар се бави со изнајмување и монтажа на скелиња за градежништво.
Садопери ALVEUS
Садопери со врвен дизајн и европски квалитет. Моделите на ALVEUS Словенија (www.alveus.si) Ви се на располагање кај нас. Повелете посетете нé за да се уверите во квалитетот.

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Electric radiators Aero
AERO electric radiators are an extremely convenient and cost-effective method of electric heating commercial and residential buildings. They show a number of advantages as compared to other electrical heating devices (heaters, quartz heaters, marble slabs, ...) and the classical system of central electric heating, especially if used in smaller spaces and for those who use periodic / seasonal . It is used for heating residential and office space, and is an ideal solution for cottages, apartments, restaurants, and commercial buildings.
Heating network
Heating mats are mostly used in bathrooms or smaller areas where the technical feasibility of the final layer of limited thickness of the substrate onto which the flooring. Because of these advantages heating mats can be placed in the final layer of flooring, or at the very glue. This contributes to reaching the temperature and thermoregulation with great energy savings. The heating power is between 100 and 150 W / m 2, which evenly into the floor creates a feeling of warmth while maintaining the look of the interior.
Gutter heating
Roof drains and gutters are heated to prevent freezing of water around the river basin and in parts of the horizontal and vertical drains. Due to the formation of ice in these parts of the storm water drainage occurs impenetrability of melted snow turns into water, and thus the overflow of water out of the gutter. As a result of water damage to the facade, entrances into the building, damaged flooring, interior, etc..   As a solution to emerge heating cables that have now become an integral part of the project, both commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. Heating cables are made from high quality materials with UV protection, which is why their durability over 30 years.

elektricni kotao

Electric radiators Aero

  • Seller : CINI
  • Price VAT Included : 13,200 RSD

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Prefabricated house - Camping Bungalow container B25
Camping bungalow with slanted roofing line with a living area of 25м2. Designed with a living room, kitchen area, and 1 bedroom, a bathroom with shower. Fully Equipped with water, sewage and electrical system all ready to go. Laminated doors. On the flooring terracotta, granite stone and/or wood layer parquet. Bathroom floor and wall with the option of tiles or vinyl and paneled/lining ceiling. Electrical plugs, hanging light, kitchen cabinets and fully equipped bathroom with sink and commode. Height inside standard 250 cm.
Wallpaper Merian
Textile House Sonny-M offers murals that feature high quality and incredible variety. Excellent light resistance, the models are divided into three basic sizes and numbering 10 decor. 8 parts - measuring 368 x 254 cm, 388 x 270 cm, 4 parts - measuring 270 x 194 cm, 194 x 270 cm, 2-part - with dimensions 81 x 270 cm.

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Impiantët PIATTAFORMA janë një zgjidhje ideale për rezidenca private, ndërtesa publike si shkolla, dyqane etj., dhe mund të instalohen si jashtë ashtu edhe brenda ndërtesës. Dyert hapen automatikisht në momentin e thirrjes. Një prekje e lehtë mbi butonin e kabinës së ashensorit dhe ai operon pa qënë nevoja që përdoruesi ta mbajë të shtypur gjatë.
Dimensioni cm Gjeresi Spessore Lartesi Altezza Gjatesi Larghezza 12 20 25 E LEHTESUAR ndarese me 10 bira Nr. i copeve per: Nr. pezzi per: Pesha: Peso: Kg m3 m2 Palete Pacco Per cope Per pezzo Per palete Per pacco 166 20 160 4 640
Dhomë gjumi fëmijësh
MATERIALI: melaminë 18 mm e borduar, bordurapvc AKSESORË: dorezaplastiketransparente, pasqyrë, tubëpërvarjerrobash NGJYRA: frashërgrimetalizatodheblu PWRMASA: 195x95x85cm


Tavoline sharre

Tavoline sharre

Heating Instalations on MarketKonekt.

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