ALUMINIUMSKI prozorci,vrati,izlozi


ALUMINIUMSKI prozorci,vrati,izlozi

  • Product Description : aluminiumski sistemi za prozorci,vrati i izlozi od grcki brend "alumil". vo narednite 3 meseci ke imame nas proizvod na aluminiumski sistem za prozorci i vrati koj sto se vika "EVEREST"koj e so povolna cena so italijansko poteklo i certifikati i mnogu po licen vo dekorativen smisol .
  • Category : PVC Joinery , Windows , Doors
  • Availability : On Order
  • Company : Skupi-fer
  • Warranty : 15 years
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : Get Latest Price
  • Minimum Order Quantity : 10 prozorci ili vrati



  • Company introduction : "skui-fer" vrsi izrabotka proizvodstvo i montaza na: -PVC prozorci i vrati. -Aluminium rozorci,vrati i gelenderi. -Alkobond fasadi i stakleni fasadi. -metalni konstrukcii. -kovanici vrati,resetki,gelenderi,ogradi,tendi,rampi za sopstven parking,raznovidni dekoracii(ogledala,saksi...) -inox gelenderi,INVENTAR(ugostitelski,bolnicki...)
  • Contact Person Name : Фидан
  • Membership type : Free membership
  • Address : emin duraku br6
  • city : Skopje , Macedonia
  • Cell Phone # : 070/976-667 , 078/666-445 , 076/803-804
  • Telephone # : 02 / 61 30 916
  • Year registered : 1998
  • Total employees : 25


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Scaffolds for construction
Company LATO - Gostivar deals with rental and installation of scaffolds for construction.
Submersible pumps 6M 7M 8M 10М 12М
*Карактеристики: - Потопни пумпи од леано железо за длабоки бунари поголеми од 6” . - Големина на приклучок со моторот според НЕМА Стандардите. - Вграден неповратен вентил. - Излез од G 3”- G 8”. - Работни кола од леано железо или бронза. *Перформанси: - Капацитет до 550 m3/h. - Висина до 600 m. - Номинална моќност на моторот до 300 kW. - Број на вртежи: 2900 r.p.m (50Hz) – 3500 r.p.m) (60Hz). *Примена: - За чиста вода, не агресивна. - За снабдување со вода. - За наводнување. - За лични и индустриски примени. - За гаснење пожар. - За хоризонтални или вертикални пумпни системи. *Услови за работа: - Температура на вода до 35 оC. - Макс. Количество на песок во водата 40 g/m3. - Континуирана работа. - Насока на вртење: во правец на стрелките на часовникот гледајки ја пумпата од страната на спојувањето.
Polikolor Extra paint
EXTRA paint white acrylic coating means water-based, intended for final protection and decorative finish on interior wall surfaces. can be diluted with water (20%), and tinted with paint pigments or colored paint. Packing: 0.75l, 3l, 5l, 15l. Consumption: 1l approximately 5m2 with two coatings. Storage: In a dry place at a temperature of 5C to 35C. Shelf life: 18 months in original packaging. KEEP FROM FREEZING.


ПВЦ Ролетни

PVC windows

PVC doors and windows


ПВЦ(пластични)Ролетни - надворешни

  • Company : Hit Profil
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : 989 MKD / 890 MKD

PVC Joinery on MarketKonekt.


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Prefabricated house type 44b
Technical characteristics - number of levels: the ground floor. Size (Gross): 50.38 m2 (net): 45.46 m2 Number of rooms: 3
Raft 30m2 on pontoons (6x5)
Cottage 10,5 m2 * complete isolation alloy * kitchen * bathroom * Most 6m
Residental wooden house
We produce wooden residential houses to order. These homes satisfy all EU standards. On our site you can see some buildings with plans that can be ideas for your home

PVC Joinery on MarketKonekt.


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Wallpaper Merian
Textile House Sonny-M offers murals that feature high quality and incredible variety. Excellent light resistance, the models are divided into three basic sizes and numbering 10 decor. 8 parts - measuring 368 x 254 cm, 388 x 270 cm, 4 parts - measuring 270 x 194 cm, 194 x 270 cm, 2-part - with dimensions 81 x 270 cm.
Prefabricated house - Camping Bungalow container B25
Camping bungalow with slanted roofing line with a living area of 25м2. Designed with a living room, kitchen area, and 1 bedroom, a bathroom with shower. Fully Equipped with water, sewage and electrical system all ready to go. Laminated doors. On the flooring terracotta, granite stone and/or wood layer parquet. Bathroom floor and wall with the option of tiles or vinyl and paneled/lining ceiling. Electrical plugs, hanging light, kitchen cabinets and fully equipped bathroom with sink and commode. Height inside standard 250 cm.
Kitchen corner Brio
The kitchen has two chests. Convenience, comfort and practicality, suitable for any kitchen. Material: chipboard + fabric, size: 163/123/82 cm.

PVC Joinery on MarketKonekt.


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Kompensata eshte nje tip druri i bere nga faqe te holla prej druri te ngjituara bashke me kende te drejta per nje force me te madhe.
Dimensioni cm Gjeresi Spessore Lartesi Altezza Gjatesi Larghezza 12 20 25 E LEHTESUAR ndarese me 10 bira Nr. i copeve per: Nr. pezzi per: Pesha: Peso: Kg m3 m2 Palete Pacco Per cope Per pezzo Per palete Per pacco 166 20 160 4 640
Gurë zbukurimi
"D`PETRA" Guralec dekorimi i kuq dolomite

Davis - PVC


PVC Joinery on MarketKonekt.
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