VARTA Ultra Dynamic Accumulators

VARTA Ultra Dynamic Accumulators

  • Product Description : Долгиот сервисен живот на АГМ технологијата; перформансите зазедоа неколку димензии со ултрадинамичните акумулатори; максимална (представа) за потреба од екстремна енергија; висока енергија во секој поглед; оригинално квалитетна опрема од старт;
  • Seller : Stop & Go
  • Availability : Contact
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : Get Latest Price


Stop & Go

  • Company introduction : Stop & Go is a new company on the Macedonian market, which was formed in early 2008. The needs of professional work and quality service are priorities in our company. Macedonian market has long needed а service with such a capacity. The idea of ​​the Stop & Go is to make a quick service, rather than a long wait we offer service without prior notice. Stop & Go is authorized importer of the brands: Bridgestone, Firestone, Hankook, Pirelli, Toyo, Mak Wheels, Alessio, Varta, Black Horse, Unico Filter. We offer quality service at reasonable prices (as direct importers and extensive experience of working abroad, we came to the conclusion that the formula for success is the excellent relationship between price / quality). The most modern equipped service, equipped with the official Ferrari vulcanising equipment - CORGHI EXACT 700. One of the many news to the clients in Macedonia is that we are the first to offer storage of tires.
  • Contact Person Name : Бојан
  • Membership type : Free membership
  • Address : Скупи б.б.
  • Post Code : 1000
  • city : Skopje , Macedonia
  • Telephone # : 00 389 (0)2 3097 202
  • Fax # : 00 389 (0)2 3097197
  • Year registered : 2008
  • Geo Location : Show


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CONTITECH - line and ribbed belts, set ribbed belts for cars
ContiTech as the most important part of the German Continental Corporation is a leading manufacturer of driver belts for the first installation. Production of belts using cutting edge technology and achieving sales totaling 3.7 billion euros, ContiTech is one of the most original parts manufacturers in the automotive industry. In accordance with the company's motto "The original is the best quality replacement", ContiTech is one of the leading manufacturers and line ribbed belts used in the first installation. According to the trends of movement in the automotive industry to reduce fuel consumption and reduction of emissions, ContiTech has achieved significant results, offering high technological and innovative solutions. Our offer includes: sets Ribbed, ribbed belts, linear belts, V-belts.
LADA 4x4 3 doors
The LADA 4x4 comes with 3 doors, fuel consumption of 8.3 liters per 100 kilometers, a maximum speed of 137 kilometers per hour, etc..
Volvo XC70
Learn all the details, even the smallest ones that make the XC70 so special. Once you review the technical specifications and accessories, you will find a way to make XC70 your car.

Battery acid

Акумулатор АМГ

UPS suited for heating pumps


Акумулатори за скутери 12 Волти (5) ...

  • Seller : Tuning Center
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : 1,100 MKD / 935 MKD

FAAM акумулатори каталог

  • Seller : VSK Grup
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : 3,150 MKD

Акумулатор 55ач

  • Seller : Pope
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : 3,000 MKD / 2,910 MKD

Car & Motorcycle Batteries on MarketKonekt.


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Oil mixture 1L with Dozer
Convenient pack with dispenser allows for easier and more accurate making blends, which is a basic requirement for a good and long lasting operation 2T engine.   Alpinastar bear the shipping costs for quantities over 4 liters.
Brush for washing the car
Color: blue
Tire Kormoran F On Off
Tire for all wheel drive vehicles and a trailer. Tires for long and short trips on all asphalt roads. Specially produced for the steering axle vehicles for various purposes, which require a combined road and beyond. Reinforced shoulders provide very good resistance to abrasion. Tread is adapted winter conditions (M + S).

akumulator 12V 100 Ah

  • Seller : NIKOR DOO
  • Price VAT Included : 8,900 RSD

Car & Motorcycle Batteries on MarketKonekt.


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Toyota iQ
Ние предизвикахме традиционното, като измислихме как трябва да изглежда един четириместен автомобил. iQ безкомпромисно преодолява ребусите на големия град чрез своя вдъхновяващ дизайн и изключителни технически нововъведения. Насладете се на неочаквано обширeн интериор, невероятна маневреност, свръхниски емисии СО2 и безкомпромисно ниво на безопасност.
Каравана Camper
Многофункционалният избор за активните туристи CAMPER е истински бестселър и затова редовно заема място на почетната стълбичка при избора на каравана на годината. Тайната му е скрита в невероятно практично замисленото вътрешно пространство, което предлага различни решения, съобразени с нуждите на потребителите. Особено предпочитан от клиентите е вариантът с голямата кръгла мека мебел. Тази каравана е истински център за свободното време и е предпочитана от активните туристи, заради удобното място за сядане, предразполагащо към задушевни разговори в приятна компания. Диванът лесно се превръща в удобно двойно легло, което може да подслони Вашите гости.


Акумулатори AutoPower

  • Seller : ENIKAR
  • Price VAT Included : 91 BGN

Car & Motorcycle Batteries on MarketKonekt.


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Chevrolet Spark
Chevrolet Spark. Automatike 5 Dyer 5 Pasagjere A/C
Visco 5000 5W-30
BP Visco 5000 5W-30 me Teknologjinë e Mbrojtjes së Motorit CleanGuard™ është një vaj motori Premium plotësisht sintetik. Për çfarë shërben? Është i përshtatshëm për përdorim tek motorët e automjeteve me naftë dhe benzinë, duke përfshirë edhe ata turbo charged dhe intercooled kur prodhuesi rekomandon ACEA A3/B4 ose specifikime të mëparshme. BP Visco 5000 5W-30 është po ashtu i miratuar për përdorim tek intervalet e zgjatura të ndërrimit të vajit tek General Motors, BMW, Mercedes Benz dhe për përdorim tek intervalet standarde të automjeteve Renault dhe VW, përveç automjeteve të pajisur me filtër grimcor nafte
Goma autoveturash
Gome autoveturash

Car & Motorcycle Batteries on MarketKonekt.
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