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Графитни четки, блокове, ламели, лопатки, токоснематели, плъзгачи и пантографи. Graphite brushes

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product description
  • Description:Производство на всички видове: Графитни ел. четки за ел. двигатели и ел. машини Графитни конструктивни изделия - графитни блокове, втулки, пръстени, лопатки, уплътнеия, токоснематели, плъзгачи и пантографи
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Seller:ZTV LTD
  • Place of Origin:Bulgaria
  • Warranty:2 years
  • Wholesale Price - VAT Excluded:2,00 BGN
  • Minimum Order Quantity:50
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    • Company introduction:"Technical Carbon Plant" /ZTV/ is the only Bulgarian producer of carbon brushes for electrical machines, brush holders, carbon construction products, silver contacts for low voltage equipment, copper, brass and silver contact assemblies and units for rail, sea and river ports and others. We perform and electroplating.
    • Contact Person Name:Хавсалиев
    • Address:гр. Каблешково, ул. „Черно море” 2
    • Post Code:8210
    • City:Kableshkovo , Bulgaria
    • Cell Phone #:0887 271258
    • Telephone #:05968 5671; 05968 5604
    • Fax #:05968 5551
    • Geo Location:Show


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