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D-r Ristovski Ophthalmic Laser Center

  • Company introduction:Ophthalmic Laser Center Dr Ristovski Ambulatory Surgery - all surgeries are performed in local anesthesia and the patient goes home: - Laser correction diopter - Removal of senile cataract or cataract - Stop the growing short-sightedness - Surgical treatment of glaucoma conservative: - Treatment of keratoconus with riboflavin and kroslinking - Treatment of macular degeneration - Treatment of retinal dystrophies, pigment retinit Diagnostics - fully computerized. Identify all types of contact lenses and glasses Diagnosis and conservative treatment of strabismus
  • Contact Person Name:Роберт
  • Address:Народен Фронт 7/1
  • Post Code:1000
  • City:Skopje , Macedonia
  • Telephone #:023211027
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Member since19 Jun, 2012
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