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Athos 203 perfume - fragrance HUGO XY / H.Boss 50ml

Athos 203 perfume - fragrance HUGO XY / H.Boss 50ml

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product description
  • Description::Mirisna nota tipa Hugo XY
    Hugo XY je muški aromatični miris posvećen senzualnom i ambicioznom muškarcu, koji uvjek želi više. Svježi bergamot i zelena kruška prepliću se sa travama: nanom i bosiljkom, uz osvježenje mrvljenog leda. Baza donosi senzualne note mošusa, Libanskog kedra i pačulija.
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    Athos Fragrances

    • Company introduction:ATHOS PARFEMI are manufactured in a factory in Milan and packaged in vials ATHOC, in order to keep prices low. ATHOS perfumes have the certificate of quality, stability and sameness, and in Serbia you can find over 160 of our fragrances.
    • Contact Person Name:Helena
    • Address:Vojni put 2
    • city:Beograd , Serbia
    • Cell Phone #:0668058066
    • Telephone #:0117703852
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