Агенција за обезбедување „ГАРД“


Агенција за обезбедување „ГАРД“

  • Product Description : Квалитетно и професионално обезбедување по западни зтандарди,деловен бон-тон, деловна тајност и бесконфликтно превентивно обезбедување. Застапени се сите можни видови на обезбедување, имплементиран меѓународен стандард за квалитет ИСО 9001. ИБС телохранителски услуги со ИБА телохранители.
  • Availability : On Order
  • Company : Gard
  • Place of Origin : Macedonia
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : 180 MKD / 164 MKD



  • Company introduction : GARD e Agencija za obezbeduvanje koja vo svojata rabota gi sproveduva zapadnite standardi za kvalitet. GARD prva vo RM go implementira megjunarodniot standard za kvalitet ISO 9001, i e pretstavnik na RM vo megjunarodnata asocijacija IBS (International Bodyguard Services). GARD gi zastapuva site vidovi na obezbeduvanje, so vrvno obuceni obezbeduvaci i najsovremena tehnicka oprema. Glavna karakteristika na GARD e preventivnoto i beskonfliktno obezbeduvanje, soglasno delovniot bon-ton, i prilagoduvanjeto na baranjata na korisnicite na uslugite. Informacii i kontakti za sorabotka na www.gard.mk .
  • Contact Person Name : Ромео Зарич
  • Membership type : Free membership
  • Address : Bul. V. S. Bato 8-a/2-44
  • Post Code : 1000
  • city : Skopje , Macedonia
  • Cell Phone # : 00389 75 260 130
  • Telephone # : 00389 (0)2 3116 064
  • Fax # : 00389 (0)2 3116 064
  • Year registered : 1999


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Line 25 for safety doors with interchangeable heart 2500FD28
Model: 2500FD28. Line 25 for safety doors with interchangeable heart. Suitable for double ward or European cylinder heart. Features of the lock Arranged for mortice, lateral or planar fixing. Three locking points. Enter key and handle 63 mm. Right or left-hand lock. Reversible latch Ø 20 mm operated by key and handle square 8 mm. 4 bolts Ø 18 mm with interspace 28 mm or 3 bolts with interspace 37 mm. When locked the handle doesn't unhook the latch. Hearts Double ward or cylinder heart. 4 turns bolts stroke 40 mm. (page from 88 to 91) All hearts are interchangeable. Choose which heart set on the lock (see code example in next page).
Electronic key cutting machine Keyline - Versa
Technical Features Structure Made of special aluminum alloy, high quality oxid free components, high precision guides and couplings Movements 3 axis driven by stepping motors on interpolated linear movements by high precision worm screws with recycling ball bearing Jaws Supplied with 4 basic jaws : - A01, A02, A03 for laser type car keys - C01 master for dimple keys and engraving on key-heads Spindle Industrial type running at 28,000 RPM provided with self centring chuck and quick exchange of cutter Cutting Tools Exclusively Carbide Cutters : 1 pc 4 mm Ø stem, cutting 2.5 mm Ø ( for car keys ) 1 pc 4 mm Ø stem, cutting tip 90° ( for cylinder keys ) ( other models on request ) Resolution Cycle repeatability within + / - 0.01 mm User Interface Through a 7” SVGA Touch Screen with high resolution and colour graphic Electronic Contents CPU with Pentium* 3 - 600 MHz microprocessor RAM Memory : SODIM 128 Mb Hard Memory : Flash type 128 Mb Multimedia Connections 2 USB Ports , 1 LAN / Ethernet Port 1 Serial Port RS232 ( 9 pin ) 1 Telephone Plug ( for Modem already incorporated) 1 VGA Port ( for display - touch screen / std video ) 1 PS2 Port ( for Mouse / Keyboard ) Dimensions 500 mm Width, 430 mm Depth , 375 mm Height Net Weight Kg 37 Available Colours RED - SILVER
The safes are manufactured in compliance with the European standard EN 1143-1, which is confirmed by a European certificate, issued by ECB-S Germany(please see details on www.birosafe.com)

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Video interfon za kuću, stan i dr. - žični - kolor displej 7 inč
Pored žičnog interfona na lageru imamo i bežične interfone s LCD-om dijagonale 7 ili 2,5 inča. Pozovite na niže navedene telefone! !! Unutrašnji LCD monitor u boji dimenzija dijagonale 7 inča (18 cm). Spoljna jedinica, vodootporna sa kamerom: 1/3'' u boji(CMOS); Rezolucija: 380 TV linija Model: KELEC KL-728P Funkcije: Unutrašnji monitor poseduje LCD displej veličine 7 inča (18 cm dijagonala) Spoljna jedinica sa kolor kamerom (vodootporna) Video interfonski sistem sa zvonom, internim razgovorom između spoljne i unutrašnje jedinice i video nadzorom prostora ispred vrata Noćno osmatranje (infracrveno) Otključavanje električne brave pritiskom na taster unutrašnje jedinice Idealan za kuće, vile, kancelarije, lokale … Kad posetilac pritisne taster na spoljnoj jedinici, oglašava se zvono na unutrašnjoj jedinici, na na LCD ekranu prikazuje se prostor ispred kamere. Pritiskom na taster "Response/Monitoring" može da se obavi govorna komunikacija. Ako se ne pritisne taster "Response/Monitoring" interfon se vraća u stanje mirovanja posle 60 sek. Ako se želi da da se otvore vrata potrebno je da se pritisne taster "Unlock" Garancija: 2 godine (dobijate fiskalni račun) SYMBOL Techno Shop: STS 1 Jovanke Radaković 27A, Beograd 011 2991 888, STS 2 Ustanička 128b Lokal 6 (posl. centar Košum), Beograd 011 3047 128 STS 3 Antifašističke borbe (kod Arene) 19, lokal 66, Novi Beograd 011 31 21 675 STS 4 Drinčićeva 21 (kod Bajloni pijace), Beograd 011 33 49 370 *** Kupcima iz unutrašnjosti šaljemo kurirskim službama
Safety helmet for construction - Trayal G
THE TRAYAL-G PROTECTIVE HELMET FOR CIVIL ENGINEERS is intended for the head protection against the fall of heavy objects or blows against the heavy objects. It is used in civil engineering, in shipbuilding, in quarries, that is wherever there is danger of mechanical head injuries. The mass of the TRAYAL-G protective helmet is not more than 500 g.
Alarm System - Sirena - DGP-SUB1: Sound Station
You can connect up to four stations in the same DGP-LSN4 module contains three buttons that allow users a variety of features such as: call, background music, panic alarm ... Lets talk with monitoring station or other stations Function of silence allows the music off and prevents the broadcast of certain messages, and still allows broadcast messages alert. Volume dial allows you to set the desired volume level for each channel separately. Additional stations can be connected to function as speakers and thereby improve the broadcast calls, system messages and background music.

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Security Services on MarketKonekt.
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