Pellete Stoves

Pellete Stoves

  • Product Description : Еkoloski termo kamini na peleti od 6 kw 8 kw 10 km 18 kw 23 kw 35 kw imA VIDONI NA KAMINI KOJ SE NA TOPOL VOZDUH I KOTLOVI NA PARNO
  • Category : Home Heaters
  • Availability : In Stock
  • Company : MB Systems
  • Place of Origin : EU
  • Warranty : 2 years
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MB Systems

  • Company introduction : prodazba na kamini I kotlovi na Peleti sekakov bid na klimatizacija Klima uredi ventilacija greenje I Niven ovlasten servis Za izvedba I monatza
  • Contact Person Name : Анета
  • Membership type : Free membership
  • Address : A babata 8
  • Post Code : 1000
  • city : Skopje , Macedonia
  • Cell Phone # : 070 570 037
  • Telephone # : 02-3-119-710
  • Fax # : -----------
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Boilers Karpat
5% discount on all models boilers Karpat.
DAIKIN ALTHERMA SPLIT for low temperatures
Highly efficient heat pump ● SPLIT type • DC INVERTER technology • A / A • COP class 4.6 • Range: heating from -25 C to + 35S • cooling from + to + 10S 46S ● CAPACITY 6,7,11,14 and 16 kW. (single-phase and three-phase power supply) • Indoor unit wall and parapet construction ● versions: only heating or cooling and heating • Opportunity to join the solar collectors and the boiler for domestic hot water ● connector panel heating, low temperature radiators ● big savings on heating costs.
THERMOFLUX MINITHERM 8kW Minitherm 8kW is ambient fireplace pellet which has built-in fan that blows hot air in the space is heated. Can heat an area of ​​60-80 m². Fireplace blower Minitherm has built a complete automation. The seven-day period thermostat and automatic ignition provide comfort fully automatic heating your home whenever you want it and with the amount of temperature that you will select. For smooth operation do not need quality chimney, because of this, and because of the small size is ideal for apartments. Flame that is seen through the glass in your room creates a cozy, warm and unique atmosphere that soothes and inspires. • fireplace blower Minitherm has integrated itself into tank sobira15 kg pellets • Quiet, peaceful and pleasant working fireplace - blower • Simple operation, cleaning and maintenance • Clean and environmentally friendly heating, minimal emission of gases outgoing • Located on the BAFA (Germany) and EKOsklad (Slovenia) lists of state subsidies for clean energy. Fireplaces - blowers with premium quality, certified by TÜV THÜRINGEN quality certificate of the Technical University of Vienna, Austria (Technische Universität Wien) a hold and ISO 9001: 2008 certificate and CE certificate. Heating the pellets at the moment is an absolute hit since twice cheaper than heating oil and electricity, and up to three times cheaper than heating with industrial electricity. With our boilers and pellet fireplaces save, and you totally just kept warm at all times.

DAIKIN INVERTER air conditioner -FT ...

  • Company : ICS Group
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : 39,900 MKD

DAIKIN air conditioner INVERTER FTX ...

  • Company : ICS Group
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : 67,900 MKD

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Ventilator sa vodom (raspršivačem)
Videx spoljni ventilator 26ST Ventilator sa vodenim raspršivanjem Rad sa i bez vode Podešavanje raspršivanja vode Nizak nivo buke Visina ventilatora podesiva: 1.7 - 2.0 m Prečnik 65cm Oscilacija 90° Nagib 30° Tri brzine rada Rezervoar za vodu: 40 l Neprekidan rad: 8 sati Površina hlađenja: do 50m2 Boja: crna

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Fan with water mist Bravissimo for home use
Cooling and humidification; lighting; Copper-aluminum engine; Fine grid; Adjustment of the slope; Oscillation 90 degrees; 3 speeds; Power [W] -50; Tank Capacity - 3 liters Moisturizing capacity - maximum 100 mL / hour; Base [cm] - 38; Dimensions [cm] - 45/38/125; Diameter - 16 "
Air cleaner Daikin MCK75J URURU
Daikin MCK75J URURU moisturizes and purifies the air in rooms up to 48 square meters standard height of 2.6 m model is portable, economical, with airflow 450 m3/hr. Effectively removes dry air, but by Flash Streamer technology is implemented fully purified and ionized air. Generate electrons moving at high speed and efficient break down odors and eliminates bacteria. There are two modes - turbo and economical. Has several filters (pre-filter, trickling filter, plasma ionizer, electrostatic filter, photocatalytic filter, deodorizing catalyst), which achieve a comfortable humidity and creates a fresh and friendly environment.


Air Conditioner Toshiba RAS-137-SKV ...

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Kodi Neptun FS0266 Marka Deawoo Lloji i depozites se pluhurit Qese Kapaciteti i depozites (Litra) 2 litra Fuqia e motorrit (Watt) 1500 Watt Fuqia e thithjes (Watt) 220 Watt Tipi i filtrit Mikrofilter Gjatesia e kordonit (m) 5 Funksion larje JO Mbledhje e kordonit PO Ngjyra Verdhe/e zeze Pesha (kg) 4.1 kg Image Gallery N/A
Sobe Gatimi CE6VM3 (X) R /HA
INOX, Permasa 60 CM, 4 vatra qeramike, furre korent, 5 funksione, ore - kohemates analog, Qendrim I lire - GARANCI 2 VJET. Ngjyra INOX Menyra Qendrimit Qendrim I lire Lloji i Energjise Elektrike Marka: Hotpoint Ariston Kodi Produktit: 48535 Pike Perfitimi: Gjendja Magazines: Ne Magazine
Paisja per pregatitjen e koktejleve dhe frapese
E lehte per tu perdorur dhe teper cilesore.E pershtatshme dge per lokale.


  • Company : Megatech
  • Price VAT Included : 1 ALL



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