Set - MIA

  • Product Description : The set is made ​​in various patterns of furniture shtov of your choice, the dimensions are on the image
  • Availability : On Order
  • Company : Mareli Dizajn
  • Place of Origin : Macedonia
  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : 34,000 MKD


Mareli Dizajn

  • Company introduction : Proektiranje,proizvodstvo na mebel i ureduvanje. Proizvodstvo na: 1. Kujni, spalni, detski sobi, Kancelariski mebel, apartmansko ureduvanje, plakari i drugo od plochest mebel. 2. Proizvodstvo na sedechki garnituri: 2.1. Agolni garnituri 2.2. Trosedi, dvosedi, fotelji. 3. Trpezariski masi i stolici.
  • Contact Person Name : Александар
  • Membership type : Free membership
  • Address : ul.Venjamin Machukovski br.22/3-21
  • Post Code : 1000
  • city : Skopje , Macedonia
  • Cell Phone # : 078212115
  • Telephone # : 00 389 (0)2 6121 802
  • Year registered : 2009
  • Total employees : 15
  • Geo Location : Show


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BS1 office bureau
Office desk set 160/180 full design of 16mm plywood, ABS kantiranje. Selectable color venge, black, white and clear
▪ Модерен дизајн ▪ Достапни: тросед и двосед ▪ Поволно и за опремање на деловни простории ▪ Можност за купување на поединечни елементи ▪ Моделот можете да го порачате во повеќе од 25 видови кожа или во штоф од широката палета на бои Димензии: Тросед: 2340 x 950 x 760 Двосед: 1940 x 950 x 760
Cinema seat RUBY
Cinema chairs RUBY. Cinema armchairs provided with service and spare parts. Free delivery.

Net + Eco leather chair

  • Company : Office Plus
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : 8,450 MKD

Hangers for clothes

  • Company : Office Plus
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : 2,599 MKD

Office furniture

Chair with wheels for sitting and s ...

  • Company : Office Plus
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : 2,905 MKD

Static chair with black legs

  • Company : Office Plus
  • Retail Price - VAT Included : 1,999 MKD

BS1 office bureau

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Hanging swing
Hanging swing, a unique design that has been copied around the world, which will cause the attention in every garden because of its timeless beauty. The bow is made ​​of laminated wood. Network and pillow is made ​​of 100% cotton. For swings with back cushions are tempotest ® 100% Acrylic.
Tiny Love Take Along Musical Carousel Mobile
Carousel for strollers, car seat and cot Tiny Love Musical mobile for cot (can be mounted on a transport bed), that can be installed anywhere, it is easily portable and plays five soothing melodies. Main product features: for strollers, cribs and car seats for babies from birth rotating musical carousel with toys easily portable 5 different melodies, played 30 minutes needs 3 AA batteries (not included)
Baby strollers Mima Xari camel collection Flair
Compact, stylish stroller that allows your youngster pleasant and gentle ride. The obligation to purchase a set of "starter pack" (see "extensions mima xari Cart") because without a stroller is not complete! Set "starter pack" includes: Mattress and pillow for carry cot seat With a wheelchair get: canopy, rain cover, full cart Material trolleys are made ​​of eco-leather, aluminum alloy chassis Materials: Pillows and Mattress for stretcher: filled with foam inside / outside is covered with 100% polyester FLAIR collection is made ​​from high quality materials that resemble skin, inspired by the interior appearance of a luxury car. MIMA FLAIR is a blend of traditional and elegant, and does not compromise the safety and comfort are concerned. Thanks to the patented "carrycot inside" system, the seat can be easily converted into a litter disconnecting the seat. Also, the litter can be quickly converted back into the seat.

Club armchair

Chair for video games

Club table

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Kitchen corner Brio
The kitchen has two chests. Convenience, comfort and practicality, suitable for any kitchen. Material: chipboard + fabric, size: 163/123/82 cm.


Living room suite Panama

  • Company : Enikom - M
  • Price VAT Included : 1,035 BGN / 848.7 BGN

Commercial Furniture on MarketKonekt.


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Elemente per arredim dyqanesh
Elemente dhe aksesore te tipeve te ndryshem per arredimin e ambjenteve tuaja. Modele dhe forma me dizenjo nga me te larmishme. Kollona metalike me forma dhe aksesore per varje dhe per palosje nga me te shumllojshmet.
Rafte per Dyqane Kozmetike
Arredime te ndryshme per dyqane kozmetike
Rafte modulare per Supermarkete
Rafte modulare per markete, te pershtatshme per cdo hapesire.

Commercial Furniture on MarketKonekt.
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